How To Join Herbalife: Our Coaching Can Help You Become A Successful Distributor

Interested in joining Herbalife as an independent distributor?

Here you can learn more about the products, how you can use them to reach your health goals and use our personal coaching to help you start a successful Herbalife business!

Join Herbalife As An Independent Distributor

If you are serious about becoming an Herbalife coach and build a part-time OR full-time business, we would love to have you join our team and help you become successful!

Contact us HERE by filling out your information and we will contact you as soon as we are able to go over any questions you have and the first steps you will need to go through to sign up an Herbalife member and begin using these amazing products!

Become An Herbalife Member

Who Are We and Why Herbalife?

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Amazed and fired UP every time I see Kelli's progress!! To see where she has come and how much hard work and dedication she has put into creating her desired body and results is inspirational to say the least.. – When she initially lost 20 lbs on her nutrition program, she felt the best she had in her life but she didn't stop there- she has continued to always strive for better results and OH MY are they starting to show!! – All I can say is you inspire me to become better everyday Kelli and am so grateful to have you in my life! Keep up the solid work. – I love you ❤️❣️💕 – – #fitness #results #healthy #healthjourney #food #inspiration #love #motivation #hardwork

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We are Kelli & Jake (About Us), a happy couple who is passionate about health and wellness, living an exciting lifestyle and always in search of the good life!

What’s the good life? 

A life that is filled with health, wealth, love and happiness!

One of our favorite quotes is, “Health is wealth”..

A belief we both share is that sound physical health is the beginning point to create a life that is filled with love and passion!

We should all treat our bodies very well, it’s the only place we have to live!

Kelli and I are from Kansas City, Missouri in the United States. These amazing products and business found us a few years ago when we were both looking for something more enjoyable in our lives and a simple way to become healthier versions of ourselves..

While we both just met in college, I was introduced to the Herbalife products by an old friend of mine who had gotten some awesome physical results using the products and I was looking to shed a few pounds and putting on some lean muscle!

Within the first month of following a simple meal plan using my shakes and tablets each day and his personal coaching I was able to lose 10% body fat and put on some lean muscle! I was feeling the healthiest I ever had in my life and was extremely excited that I was able to make the changes necessary in my life to take back control of my health and feel that good!

Shortly after my results, Kelli saw what was possible and I helped her begin on an Herbalife weight loss program and within the first couple months she was able to lose 20 lbs!

It’s safe to say that after realizing how well these products work when combined with an overall healthy and active lifestyle, we were extremely excited and saw the possibility of earning an extra income helping other people get these same kinds of results using the same simple program that we did!

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Kelli’s Results

Herbalife Business Opportunity

You came to this page because you were interested in either the products and how they can improve your health OR how the opportunity to join as an Herbalife distributor can help you earn an extra income part-time around what you currently do and help improve you or your families current situation.

Either one of those reasons are great and I would like to explain some of the benefits you may find from joining our team, learning specific strategies we use and how you can make the opportunity work for yourself and for your family!

Herbalife Products

Why is the company so large, successful and in 90+ countries?

It all begins and ends with the amazing products they provide. From the Formula 1 Healthy Meal that provides a complete meal replacement to the Rebuild Strength post-workout supplement to fuel your muscles after a grueling routine, they provide products for every health goal you may have and are backed up by RESULTS!

To be successful as an Herbalife Independent Distributor you MUST use the products each day, get into the best shape of your life and strive to reach all of your physical/health goals and have a passion to help other people achieve their health goals and really make a positive difference in the health and wellness of the world!

You can learn more about the Herbalife products and prices by clicking the link below! Make sure to contact us on our coaching page if you have any questions about the products! We want to make sure we provide you with the coaching that will help you reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle!

Shop Online For Herbalife Products & Prices

3 Simple Steps To Become An Herbalife Independent Distributor

To make this as simple as possible and allow yourself to get started in the quickest amount of time, we will go through the 3 steps you must follow to become an Herbalife member and have access to this amazing opportunity!

#1 – Contact Us And Tell Us Your Health Goals

Contact Us HERE

We want to make sure that as a member of our team and organization, you get started off on the right foot and have all the necessary ingredients covered to having success with this company.

The first requisite is for you to begin on your own personalized program that is based off of your own personal goals. To be successful you MUST have personal results and use these amazing products for your own benefit.

To have belief in Herbalife (which is essential to your overall success) you must have a personal testimonial and results you can share with the world!

We were able to lose 10% body fat and 20 lbs respectively when we started on our programs which gave us immense belief and passion about using and sharing these products!

#2 – Begin Your Personalized Herbalife Program And Get Results

Next step is going to be get started on your nutrition program (which we will help you lay out).

We will help you personalize your meal plan based upon your own health goals and give you the daily support and accountability that you need to help keep you motivated and on track to getting into the best shape of your life!

This does NOT mean you have to fully reach your goal to begin, but you must have some sort of personal results and testimonial before you begin to refer other people to use these products and help them with their health and wellness goals!

Using the Herbalife products and getting results is at the very core of being a successful distributor so you must follow this!

Our favorite Herbalife programs for weight-loss are the Lean and Fit Program and the Advanced Program!

#3- Become A Member And Start Our Distributor Training

After you have gotten results on your program and learned directly from us how to coach and support a client using the products, you will then be ready to begin the first steps of training to learn the basics!

You will learn everything from getting your first client, having your first team member join your organization and how to promote the products and your results to people you already know!

We look forward to connecting with you and get you started on the process of becoming a team member of ours helping us spread a healthy and active lifestyle around the world one person at a time!

Summary: Join Our Team, Become An Herbalife Distributor And Help Us Make A Positive Impact In Other People’s Lives

Now that you know everything and all the details it takes to become an Herbalife coach, I want to leave you with a few reasons why you would benefit from joining our team and helping us spread these wonderful products around the world!

  1. We make it our priority to personally connect with everyone of our team members and distributors to make sure they have all the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed as an independent distributor. We realize at times it can be a scary task to start a new health journey or begin to build a business part-time and earn extra money around your current schedule, but we know it is ultimately worth it and want everyone to be equipped with everything they need to be successful!
  2. From our experience we know without a doubt these products work extremely well and provide the nutritional support that anyone can benefit from when working towards a healthier lifestyle, so we make sure to provide 1-on-1 coaching and support to anyone that is extremely motivated to get into the best shape of their life and is willing to put into practice the nutrition program and products that we recommend they follow.
  3. Our organization has weekly calls and trainings that provide you with new insights and actionable formulas to implement to help you create more success within your own business. Other Herbalife members who are making great strides and increasing their business success are always eager to share their information and steps with us so we can learn from them and make the same daily actions work in our favor as well.
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