Become A Health Coach

We’re Looking For People Who Are Searching For A Fulfilling Career Helping Others Live A Healthy And Active Lifestyle As A Health & Wellness Coach

  • Become A Certified Member Of An International Health & Wellness Company
  • Ability To Serve Clients In 90+ Countries
  • Join An Amazing Team Of Health Coaches Passionate About Helping Others
  • Helps Clients Reach Their Goals: Weight-Loss, Weight-Gain, More Energy Etc.
  • Work Includes Wellness Evaluations, Follow-Up Calls And Having Fun Helping People Get Into The Best Shape Of Their Life
  • No Experience Required, Full Training Provided
  • Make Your Own Hours, Work Part-Time Or Full-Time
  • Competitive Compensation Including Bonuses And Paid Vacations

Fill In Your Information To Apply. Kelli or Jake will contact you with further questions.

How To Become A Health & Wellness Coach Without A Certification

Are you confused on the process it takes to become a health coach? Are you worried that there are years of schooling and thousands of dollars of fee’s?

I am happy to be able to tell you that in today’s society and online world, you can become a health and wellness coach WITHOUT a certification..

But How?

Let me explain how you can take your personal health results (weight-loss, weight-gain, more energy or just feeling better) as the one and only requisite you need to being a professional and successful health coach!

What is it that most people want when they look to hire a health and wellness coach?

Do they look for degrees, certifications or accolades that show they memorized how proteins synthesize or carbohydrates digest?

The answer is an emphatic, NO!

Clients and customers that want to lose weight, increase their energy and feel healthier only look for real-life results..

They want to know you have used a program, way of eating or certain nutrition habits to create a results for yourself!

They want to know that you have walked the walk and practiced what you preach!

In my opinion, there is WAY too much emphasis on schooling, certifications and degrees in the marketplace. And in reality what are colleges and universities?

They are a BUSINESS! Plain and simple – they take your money (thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands) to give you an education that is almost utterly useless in today’s economy!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a great intellectual education, learning or knowledge. I read everyday and believe learning is the cornerstone for a successful life!

HOWEVER, I know for a fact that to earn money and become a successful health and wellness coach in today’s economy does NOT require a degree or certification!

All you need to have is a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle (creating the health you desire and feel good about) and spreading that lifestyle or program you have used to others.

Becoming a health coach is as simple as 1) define specifically the health you want 2) work towards and achieve that health using a specific program that offers consumable nutrition products 3) Share this program and your results to others who want to enjoy the same healthy lifestyle as you!

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