How To Find An Herbalife Health Coach

If you are currently looking for a health coach who has experience with and recommends Herbalife products, this post will help give you a few different ways on how to find one.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain energy or just feel healthier, Herbalife programs along with a wellness coach is a great choice. Here are some results and testimonials.

How To Find An Herbalife Distributor

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that sells their products exclusively through experienced and qualified distributors, mostly referred to as Herbalife health and wellness coaches.

You may be curious about or decidedly convinced that Herbalife products are your choice for your new diet or health plan.

From an experienced user and promoter of these products, let me just say you are making a great choice!

(my results with Herbalife products)

Below I will list a few ways you can find a coach or consultant who can give you the necessary knowledge and practical application you need to make Herbalife programs work for your health and wellness goals:

Ask Friends and Family

Because Herbalife is sold only through distributors, you won’t be able to just order randomly online. Even if you were able to find a retailer who was selling Herbalife products (which is against policy and regulation) I promise you that you will NOT get the health results you seek. You won’t get the personal guidance from a wellness coach who knows what products are right for you and how to properly use them in a full and balanced Herbalife meal plan.

Chances are one of your friends or family members knows at least one person who distributes the products. If you cherish referrals and trust someone close to point you in the right direction then that is where you should begin.

Search Online and Social Media

Maybe you prefer to find contacts and other services using google or social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. All you need to do is search ‘Herbalife Coach’ or ‘Herbalife Distributor’ and you will be able to find someone who lists that as their work.

Connect With Herbalife and Find A Distributor Local To Your Area

Through a simple contact form on Herbalife’s website you can submit your information to tell the company you are interested in learning more about the products and services.

They will forward your information to a experienced coach in your local area who should be in contact with you shortly. This is great way to get support locally and meet face to face with your wellness coach.

Find A Local Herbalife Nutrition Club

Some Herbalife coach’s participate and run what’s called a nutrition club which is basically just like a healthy version of star-bucks.

Chances are there is an Herbalife nutrition club near your area and it is a great place to join a positive and healthy community all centered around bettering your health using the products and making new friends in the process!

Fill Out The Form Below

Great news for you is we are experienced and passionate Herbalife health coach’s and would love to give you the support and guidance you need in search for a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are ready to begin an Herbalife program designed for your specific goals and needs, fill out the short form questions below and we will be in contact asap to get you started NOW!


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