How To Make An Easy Weight-Loss Plan You Can Commit Too And Complete

Have you had trouble in the past with sticking to a new meal plan when you decided to lose weight and get in shape?

I want to share with you a simple formula that will help you outline an easy to follow weight-loss plan!

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Do you live in the Kansas City area and want to lose weight and get healthy?

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Losing Weight Is EASY

Before we start with the formula and outline let’s go over a simple concept..

Weight-Loss is easy!

Do you believe me? Or do you think that statement is false?

Depending on your answer to the question above I could guess pretty accurately whether you have had trouble with losing weight for years OR you have reached your goals and are well on your way to the physical body you want!

The reason that I bring this subject up is to get your mind straight about what it really takes to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle!

80% of a healthy and vibrant lifestyle is all about your beliefs and the level of your self-confidence..

A large part of what we provide to our clients is daily support and encouragement that increases your self-esteem, which in turn boosts your confidence and allows you to operate at the highest level you are capable of!

Affirmations are a great way to get this process started!

So my point here in simple terms is, if you change your mindset about yourself, you will much easier change your body and reach the health you desire!

How To Make An Easy Weight-Loss Plan

A problem with too many diets and programs that come and go from the health and wellness industry is too much complication and laborious meal planning and a lack of proper health coaching and simple to follow routines and principles.

If you have struggled through different diets and routines and are looking for the next magic pill or one week miracle plan I am afraid you are mistaken and your journey will be never-ending,


There ARE simple principles and habits you can follow that make for a super simple weight-loss plan that, with the proper support and accountability from a coach, can help you complete a plan and get results you are proud of!

Simple To Follow Weight-Loss Plan

Let’s go over a few important principles to outline this plan and set some ground rules..

  1. Keeping weight-loss simple means keeping meals and snacks simple. Sticking to easy to make recipes, snacks is a huge key. Stay away from plans that require extensive nutritional knowledge to follow and require you to pick your own organically grown spinach from South America. KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  2. Add in healthy meal replacement shakes to your meal plan. They are simple, healthy and great way to supplement your overall nutritional needs with little effort. Here are our favorite meal replacement shakes.
  3. You’ve heard this before and you’ll hear this again, water and hydration continue to be vital no matter what your health goals are, but is even more important if you are trying to reduce your weight. Here’s how much water you should drink daily.

Sample Meal-Plan To Lose Weight

This is predicating you wake up at 8 am and fall asleep at 9 pm, the times and specifics can changed to meet your certain time obligations and schedule differences with a personalized meal plan.

8:00 am – 10 ounces of water (boost: lemon water)

8:30 am – Meal Replacement Shake (Recipes)

9 am: Herbal Tea (Our favorite tea)

10 am: Protein snack (Snack options)

11:30-12 pm – Meal Replacement Shake OR Healthy Lunch (Lunch Recipes)

1-1:30 pm – Herbal Tea (Herbal Tea Benefits)

3-4 pm – Protein Snack (Snack Options)

6-7 pm – Meal Replacement Shake OR Healthy Dinner (Best Meal Replacement Shakes)

8-8:30 pm – 8 oz of Water or small snack (Late-Night Healthy Snacks)

Additional Resources For Simple Weight-Loss Plans:

How To Lose Weight Fast

Lose 10 lbs Fast

Hope this easy to follow outline for a weight-loss plan helps you reach your goals and acquire the healthy lifestyle you want! For more information on how we help coach you to lose weight with friendly support and follow-up, go to our coaching page!

To your better health,

Kelli & Jake

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