Instagram Health & Fitness Coaches

We are health & fitness coaches who use Instagram to post our journey, connect with new people around the world and spread a healthier lifestyle around the world one person at a time!

Health Coach Training

Are you wondering how to become a health coach that can make a difference in people’s lives? Are you passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle?

Contact us about our health coach training and learn how you can join our team and become a health coach!

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Instagram Is The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

We all are aware of the massive reach and influence social media now has on our daily lives.

A great amount of us are connected to at least one of our accounts each day whether it be on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Social media is even reshaping news and how we view it.

Personally Kelli and I don’t even own a television or have cable! All of our daily news and social awareness comes from the internet, social media and the relationships and services we provide in our real daily lives.

But why do we choose to use Instagram to reach more customers and grow our health coaching business?

Instagram continues to show major growth month after month, is an easy-to-use platform and just surpassed over 700 million active users!

8 Instagram Marketing Predictions

Global Social Media Research

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Time to get our workout in 😜

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Why Become A Health Coach Using Instagram?

If you want to know more specifically about what we do, how we help clients and create a business surrounding health and nutrition, click here.

What sets apart Instagram as the best social media platform (in our opinion) to connect with new customers to help grow your health coaching business?

From our experience, Instagram provides a much smoother and more engaged feeling. From how often you can post, the limited amount of links you can share and the direct messaging.

(This article shares some of the rules and guidelines that are good to follow and implement with your own account.)

A large difference we have experienced is that Instagram is much less formal than Facebook, which means you don’t have to necessarily always have to worry about your grandmother seeing your posts LOL.

This just helps in the fact that you can be more of yourself and share your own journey with other people. Instagram really allows you to have the freedom to share your life, your business or your services with other people!

As a health coach, the platform is a great addition to your daily routines of attracting new customers and clients that are looking for what you provide: weight-loss support, meal planning or daily accountability.

Instagram For Business: Everything You Need To Know

Our Journey As A Couple On Instagram

Although we are very proud of our progress so far and our vulnerability of showing people our journey as a couple and hoping to inspire more people to live a more healthier and active lifestyle, we know we still have a long way to go to reach our ultimate goals!

Our passion is truly to be an inspiration to people who don’t believe they are worthy or capable of feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle.

Although we think we are one of the best weight-loss Instagram accounts to follow, we believe our account is more geared to living an overall healthy lifestyle: health, wealth, love and happiness!

We share our daily journey in hopes that other people can use our journey as a model of what everyone is really capable of!

Become A Health And Wellness Coach Using Instagram

If you are passionate about health and wellness, then creating you own business as a health coach using Instagram is an opportunity you may want to explore further.

We provide you with step-by-step training, exclusive nutritional products you can promote and online support no matter where you live to make your dreams of being a health coach a reality!

Our results using the Herbalife products have been amazing and we continue to be grateful for them each and everyday (results).

For more information on how to become a health coach, join our team and help us continue to spread a healthy and active lifestyle around the globe, click here for more information.

Fill out the contact form on that page and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. We look forward to connecting with you!


7 thoughts on “Instagram Health & Fitness Coaches

    1. Thank you! Do you use Instagram?


      1. i do! just started a business account aggie_geee 🙂


      2. Awesome! Follow us – zerolimitscouple – we will follow back! What business do you run?


      3. I will! I’ve just set up a dog walking business, looking to expand into dog grooming and more etc. Just building myself up as a person online first and getting my head around the entrepreneur life, loving it so far!


      4. That’s so awesome!! Best of luck to you in your business and entrepreneurial endeavors!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Thankyou so much! Means a lot 😊


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