5 Wellness Tips To Improve Your Health Immediately

Looking for better health and wellness?

Use these 5 simple tips you can apply immediately to look and feel better!

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What Is Wellness?

Although nutrition and fitness are two important parts that contribute to Wellness, the term actually encompasses much more than most are aware of.

For a basic understanding of what Wellness is and the different parts that make it up there are Six categories that give a better understanding.

Six Dimensions Of Wellness

Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Social.

Feeling amazing and vibrant isn’t only about eating organic and lifting weights at the gym. Having meaningful relationships, being content and fulfilled in your work, managing stress and emotions, participating in fun and creative activities or hobbies that you enjoy, increasing your knowledge and intellectual capabilities, getting an adequate amount of rest, feeling a spiritual connection to a power much greater than yourself and having a strong family connection and bond are all factors that contribute to your overall feeling of wellness.

So taking into account the complexities of wellness, give yourself some time to think of different ways on how you can improve in any of the areas listed above.

The reason health, nutrition and exercise seems to be at the forefront of wellness is because (in my opinion) it is the simplest and easiest area to change habits and improve on.

By starting to practice a few new daily routines and improving your diet step-by-step can can take back control of your health and begin to improve your overall wellness!

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5 Wellness Tips To Improve Your Health Immediately

These 5 tips are designed to help you get on the fast track of improved health and wellness and aid you in feeling better about yourself and your life in general!

If you ever have any questions, want advice on how to implement these tips, contact us on our coaching page and we will reach out and connect personally!

Weight-Loss and Weight Management

Losing weight is a rather simple subject that so many people struggle immensely with. Obesity continues to be a large problem not only here in the United States but around the globe (obesity statistics).

Here’s a quick tip on how to better lose and maintain your weight; stop counting calories!

I know in today’s diet crazed world that can seem like an erroneous idea, however giving yourself freedom to indulge at some points in sweets or extra food will actually work to help you realize that you will feel better when you master your portion control and eat foods that aid in your nutrition.

I am saying that constantly focusing on counting calories and lowering your caloric intake actually works against you because you are always focusing on what you CAN’T have and instead on the foods that you can eat!

Another beneficial wellness tip that correlates to weight-loss is learning how to effectively improve your self-esteem!

Once you finally realize that the only person you should want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is YOU, then you will begin to feel better and not have the discouragement you may have felt in the past from failing to meet other people’s standards or wants.

Learning how to have confidence in yourself and your abilities to lose weight and maintain health comes first and foremost from loving your body and yourself!

Juicing And Smoothies

I have writeen specifically about both juices and smoothies in previous articles but I wanted to remention them here because I believe they are so important for overall wellness.

Juices are a great way to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as giving your digestive system a complete break because they contain no fiber and are almost digested instantly!

They are a great way for immediate energy boosts and nutritional support. Green juices that contain kale, spinach or romaine lettuce are great additions to support your nutritional needs.

Smoothies are a bit different because they contain fiber but I believe are easier and more effective to add on a daily basis! They provide your body with all the nutrients you need and are easy for your digestive system to process because the fiber is blended up.

Morning Tea

We all know how popular coffee has become in today’s fast paced world. Not that coffee is bad by any means but a slight change to having a morning tea for your beverage could provide you with a few more wellness benefits!

You could simply add lemon to add hot water to make it simple, or add in extras like maple syrup, cayenne pepper and tea bags!

There are plenty of options out there but a morning tea can definitely help to increase your metabolism, help you lose weight and help you feel better throughout the day.


Spices can be a huge addition to any diet or wellness program and vasly improve some of your bodily function.

Spices like turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, cumin and many more are healthy and delicious ways to spice up your meals and improve your wellness.

Adding turmeric to soups and drinks and cayenne or black pepper to almost any dish are a couple of places to start.

Setting ‘SMART’ Wellness Goals

‘SMART’ goal-setting for wellness includes a philosophy that differ from the main stream ‘diet’ advice and focuses on long-term and sustainable health and weight loss.

S – Specific

What is it exacly that you want to achieve in your health and wellness? How do you want to loss? How do you want to feel? What activites do you want to participate in? What foods do you want to eat? What speficially does your diet consist of?

M – Measurable

How many lbs do you want to weigh? How many days you want to work out? What is your ideal body fat? How many push-ups would you like to do? How many servings of vegetables do you want to eat everyday?

A – Attainable

Is the goals attainable? Do you believe you in your confidence to reach it? Who can help you achieve this goal?

R- Relevant

Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs? Does the goal fit with your immediate and long-term plans?

T – Time Based

By what date do you want to achieve this goal?

This is a very basic understanding the of the concept of setting wellness goals for yourself but this process of setting ‘SMART’ goals is a huge step in the right direction for really clarifying where you want to be and how you want to feel in your health and wellness.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” -Tony Robbins

Additional Wellness Tips

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Hope these health and wellness tips help you get on the right track! Please share on Facebook 🙂

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