Our Romantic Getaway For Our 4-Year Anniversary

Recap of our amazing and romantic weekend, how we celebrated our 4-year anniversary and a few tips we have used to continue to have a strong, supportive and loving relationship!

Celebrating Our 4-Year Anniversary

For those of you who are not familiar with us or may have just stumbled onto this post, we are health and wellness coaches who help others get into the best shape of their lives!

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This past weekend we celebrated our 4-year anniversary by spending a few days along at a romantic bed and breakfast at a small town in Kansas.

It was one of the best experiences we had since we began our relationship and was an absolutely amazing weekend for us!

We stayed at the Cedar Crest LodgeΒ in Pleasanton, KS. It was only an hour south of our hometown of Kansas City.

To anyone looking to celebrate their anniversary or any special occasion with your significant other, we highly recommend this particular bed and breakfast!

Couple’s Activities We Enjoyed At The B&B

What Kelli and I enjoyed most about our time over the weekend was the loose and relaxed feeling and setting of the lodge and how laid back everything was.

It truly felt like her and I were the only ones there and had more than enough time to sit and enjoy the beautiful views or take part in a few activities we really enjoyed.

  1. We took part in a relaxing couples massage in the spa that is within walking distance of the main lodge and were able to enjoy 45 mins of relaxation.
  2. Both nights we stayed at the lodge we sat on the back porch together and took in the amazing sunset with a glass of wine. The view on the hill is truly remarkable!
  3. Both afternoons we just relaxed and took a nap on the hammock on the property.
  4. Hiked around the 4-5 ponds that are on the 111 acre property.
  5. The last night we were there we just laid on some blankets on the field and star gazed for a few hours.

What Was Special About Our Romantic Weekend Getaway

The main thing we truly enjoyed about the whole weekend and the experience at the Bed and Breakfast was how there was no rush to get anything done or a certain timeline to what we had to do.

Sometimes with trips to cities or tourist attractions it seems like it is a non-stop vacation because all you want to do is see and experience as many things as possible. However the kind of weekend we just experienced was so conducive to an anniversary because you really get so much alone time with your partner,

We were just extremely grateful to have picked such a beautiful place and get to experience a weekend alone with no distractions, no alarm clocks and no obligations to where we had to be or who we had to see. It was just us two and as much time as we wanted πŸ™‚

Another part we loved was the meals were all organic, freshly made and each one was in a sun room that overlooked the back patio and had a beautiful view of the countryside. Each meal was served in 3 courses and light music would play in the background.

Overall after getting to enjoy this type of vacation and setting we would both highly recommend a small town bed and breakfast for an anniversary trip or romantic occasion!

We even got the pleasure of talking a bit to another couple who was there for the weekend who was celebrating their 44th anniversary! Talk about GOALS!

Relationship Tips We Have Used Personally To Keep Our Relationship Strong, Healthy And Fulfilling

In no way do I pretend to have a perfect relationship with Kelli and neither would she. Just like any other relationship or marriage, we have our ups and downs, our arguments and disagreements.

However at the end of the day we understand that we are each others strongest supporters and for us both to have a successful and happy life singularly, we MUST have a strong connection and loving bond mutually.

Here are a few relationship tips we have used to keep our love bright and connection strong..

  1. Kelli is always RIGHT, even when she’s WRONG. For me, my belief is that in a strong and loving relationship, both the male and female have certain strengths and weaknesses that they may bring (keep in mind, these are MY beliefs. In no way am I trying to prove anyone that I am right). A huge part I have realized over the past 4 years that no matter what happens or what petty arguments may come up, at the end of the day my view as the male is to always back down and let her win. There are no reasons that I need to prove her wrong. So ultimately, putting down my ego in the sake of mutual agreement has been absolutely essential in keeping our relationship fresh and lively.
  2. Reading and practicing the concepts of the book, Love And Respect. The information and strategies in this book completely changed both of our views about the proper dynamics of a well-functioning relationship and have helped both of us understand the underlying differences in each of us as a male and female. It taught us both to respect each others different perspective and lens that we see the world from and how both of us view certain instances and roadblocks in couple’s relationships. I recommend the book as a must-read to anyone that would like to improve their relationship with their lover. To learn more the book Love And Respect, its founders and some actionable steps you can take, click here.
  3. Last but not least has to be a never-ending commitment to always do your part and show-up every day with energy, passion and gratitude for your partner and everything they do for you. Too many people get caught up in daily stresses and obstacles and completely forget about their partner or all the experiences they have had together over the years. By no means are we perfect and constantly strive to improve every day, however we both know that how we show up each day determines our results and letting each other know how much we love them (actually saying it), asking them questions about their day, LISTENING to understand and NOT reply. I understand that listening attentively is possibly the highest respect I can pay to Kelli. Truly hearing what she has to say and trying to view things from her perspective has been a huge help to me and I think it can help you as well.

Additional Tips For Bettering Relationships

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Thanks for taking the time to read about our wonderful experience on our anniversary and I hope in some way we were able to inspire you to take an anniversary trip and experience a romantic weekend together with your partner at a local Bed and Breakfast!


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