How To Use A Weight-Loss Journal

Are you interested in learning more about a weight-loss journal?

In this post learn how keeping track of your daily activities can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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What Is A Weight-Loss Journal?

Have you kept a personal diary or daily journal before?

If you have there won’t be much trouble in learning how to use that same skill and habit in understanding what this is.

A weight-loss journal is very similar to a food journal or logging your diet and exercise habits. The slight difference comes from writing down MORE than just the food you eat and the workouts you complete.

Both of those are very important aspects in keeping a journal of tracking your progress losing weight, however there are more personal and emotional content that should be added into it.

The reason is because a large obstacle we see with our weight-loss clients is their feeling about themselves and low self-confidence and not actually believing they are worthy of the perfect body they desire or feeling the immense health and vitality they want.

I want to share a very important insight here into understanding more about what actually creates real and sustainable weight-loss..

80% of losing weight and being healthy is mental, 20% is physical.

What does this mean?

This means that if you are currently working towards a healthier body and the body weight you really want you must begin NOW to master your mind-set and your beliefs about the health you deserve.

If you have struggled for years and years and never seem to be able to lose weight or get into shape it’s most likely NOT because you haven’t taken the actions to get you there.

It is probably because deep down you see yourself as an overweight person or “big-boned”.

If your self-image (the person you see yourself as) is unhealthy, inadequate and a failure in everything you do, then no certain diet or program can ever help you actually see real and lasting results!

This is a huge insight and if you really begin to understand this concept I will promise you it will improve your results dramatically.

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How To Use A Weight-Loss Journal

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Now that you understand more of what this type of journal is and the slight differences it has compared to a food journal or a diet log I want to offer some specific ways to implement this into your daily routine that can help you reach your goals!

If you are serious about losing weight and taking full advantage of a journal to help assist you in reaching your health goals AND improving your self-esteem you need to write in your journal daily.

What To Write And Keep Track Of In Your Journal

Below I am going to list each area (In Order) that you need to write down in your journal. I suggest you begin a brand new journal directed solely to this habit. For each day you will need approximately 3-4 pages. Mark the beginning of each day with your name, the current date AND your the exact goal weight you would like to achieve.

Example (Top of the page): Jake Hardie, 04/26/2017, I am so grateful to be at my perfect weight and feeling great at 190 lbs!

Page #1– The first page of your journal will be used to write out your specific feelings AND reasons about why you want to achieve your perfect weight and how it feels when you have already achieved that weight. This is going to help you conjure up inspiration and motivation towards losing weight and feeling good. It will help you evoke the Law of Attraction.

Questions you can use to answer and think about what to write on this page..

Why do I want to reach this weight? What benefits will I recieve from reaching this goal? How will I feel when I am at this body weight? How much more self-confidence will I have? What more things and activites will I be able to participate in? How will my family be positively affected with my feeling good? How much better will my health be?

Try to answer all of these questions of and really get into the feeling of being at your perfect body weight. The better you feel about your health journey I promise you the quicker and more effectively you will reach your goal!

“Reasons come first, answers come second.” – Jim Rohn

Page #2– The second page of your weight-loss journal is very similar to a traditional food journal. This is the page where you will write out what you speficially eat throughout the day and the workouts you may have completed.

Write out the exact time and what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND any snacks you had. Also write down how much water you drank. An very useful app you can use to track everything you ate is My Fitness Pal. This will keep track and help count the amount of calories you have eaten as well as the nutrients you have taken in.

Page #3– The final page of your journal will be a dedicated to the end of the day, preferably within the last 30 minutes of when you go to sleep. This will be similar to a diary where you will write out your accomplishments of the day, how well you did or even some obstacles or setback you may have struggled with. This page is hugely important because it helps you stay inspired and will help you shed light on areas you are succeeding at and areas you may need to improve on.

Questions to answer on the final page of your food journal..

What did I do well today? What areas did I succeed in? What areas did I struggle with? Did I stay on track towards my goals? Why did I succeed/struggle in this area? What progress did I make towards my goal today? How do I feel about mysel? What can I do better tomorrow to improve on my weight-loss program? What resources can I use to improve? What questions can I ask my coach to help me improve my health?

Benefits Of Keeping A Weight-Loss Journal

You now what a weight-loss journal is AND specific ways you can add this into your daily routine and make a major positive difference in your overall health and well-being. Keeping track of your progress is a huge step in creating new habits that will benefit you in the long run.

Now i’ll share a few benefits of keeping this journal and why you may want to consider adding this into your weight-loss program..

  1. Keeping track of your what you eat on a daily basis and the amount of calories and nutrients you are fueling your body with is a big step in the right direction because in order for you to be able to judge how you’re doing currently, you must know your numbers. We always tell our clients, “How can I help you improve if I don’t know where you are?” This means that for us to help our clients lose weight we have to know exactly what they are eating and the amount of calories and nutrients they are getting on a daily basis. Once you know your daily numbers and take the time to write them out you can then make proper adjustments.
  2. A weight-loss journal helps you to go even further into your health journey because it requires you to document you feelings, successes AND failures. It helps you improve your self-esteem because you ask yourself the questions it takes to really get to the root of your problems in the past to find the necessary solutions to get past them. Like I mentioned above, weight-loss is 80% mental and when you begin to actively track your progress and look for solutions your habits will begin to get better and overall you will feel better about yourself because you are taking the actions required to become a healthier and happier version of yourself.
  3. If you have really become serious about reaching the weight-loss results you have set for yourself then by now you have hired a personal coach to help you on your journey. You have taken the steps to learn from someone who has achieved the results you want and listened to how they made it happen. Keeping track of your progress in your journal is a great tool you can use to share with your coach who can then help you make the specific changes or adjustments you may need to further progress. Giving your coach some tangible numbers to work from can make their job much easier and ultimately help you reach your goals much more smoothly and effectively.

I hope these tips and explanation of a weight-loss journal can help inspire you to add this into your daily regimen and see more of the results you are after. If you take the actions daily like I have provided I have no doubt you will see major improvements in losing weight and feeling better about yourself.

If you continue to struggle with weight-loss and can’t seem to make anything work for you, learn more about how our personal coaching can help you reach the health goals you are striving towards. Fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you lose weight!


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