What We Learned From Our Health Coach Training

If you are a health coach or looking to become one there are certain strategies and skills that are crucial to being successful.

In this post I share some of the takeaways we had from our most recent health coach training and how you can apply them yourself.

Become An Online Health and Wellness Coach

Are you interested in becoming a certified health coach? We are actively looking for people who are passionate about health and wellness and who want to help others live more healthy and active lifestyles.

If you want to join our team AND be trained by us, go to our health coach page to apply and learn more about the opportunity.

Why We Are Health And Wellness Coaches

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The future is so bright ✨🌟✨

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If you would have asked Kelli and I a few years ago what we wanted our careers to be, I can assure you it would have NOT been a health coach.

We both had completely different paths planned out for ourselves.

However, like the saying says, when opportunity arises, you MUST take advantage!

Both of us were able to use a specific nutrition program and products that helped us dramatically improve our health, well-being and overall outlook on life.

I was able to lose 10% body fat and gain lean muscle while Kelli went on to lose 25 lbs and feel incredible energy! It was absolutely life-changing for us to follow a simple program (along with guidance from our coach) and implement healthy habits that took our health to the next level!

After we understood how well this program really works and completely invested in it as a lifestyle (NOT a temporary diet) we became more and more aware of how there was a huge need and opportunity to spread this program and healthy lifestyle around the world and to help others feel as great as we did.

So we both decided as a couple that we wanted to continue this and make it a career. To become health coaches that teach and help friends, family and anyone in the world live the healthy life that they desired.

It has now been the absolute best decision we have EVER made! We are able to live our lives on OUR terms. We make our own hours and are able to build a business of like-minded individuals and to improve the nutritional habits of the world one person at a time!

If you have interest in how to become a health and wellness coach, keep reading on and I’ll share with you some major insights on how to make that happen..

Health And Wellness Coach Basics

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Did WORK on the shoulders this afternoon 🤘🏻🙃

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What is a health and wellness coach?

In simple terms it is a person who devotes all of their time and energy to help improve others health and nutritional habits helping them reach their desired goals: losing weight, gaining muscle, toning up, boosting energy levels, improving digestion or just feeling better overall.

The main job of a coach is to continuously reach new heights of THEIR health and helping others emulate their own success.

When I first began on my nutrition program my main goal was to lose body fat and gain lean muscle using products that suited my needs and following a specific meal plan designed for my body type and implementing easy habits that would increase my efficiency.

Once I was able to reach my best health I was then able to spread what I had learned through experience to others and help them do the very same things.

It’s really simple but the whole outlook on being a successful health coach is providing others with support, accountability and personal inspiration to live a healthy life and become the best version of themselves!

In my opinion it is the most rewarding and fulfilling work there is because making a positive impact in others lives make me incredibly happy and grateful for each and every day to meet a new person and make their dreams a reality!

Do You Need A Certification?

Is it required to be certified as a health and wellness coach?

Quick answer here, NO.

You do not need to go through a certification training or degree program to become a health coach.

Here’s why..

Would you rather take advice from someone who has 2 degrees and is 40 lbs overweight OR someone with 0 degrees yet is in pristine shape and feels great?

From my perspective every single time I would choose to be coached by someone who has PRODUCED the results that I am looking for in health and wellness over a person who has went through classes just to learn knowledge but hasn’t actually APPLIED the information.

I am NOT saying knowledge and education is bad because I believe it is very important.

But applied knowledge and results are what is the MOST important.

Knowledge is only power when it is applied and a new result is produced.

So the main reason you do not need a degree or certification to become a health and wellness coach is that I promise you if you want to gain new customers and clients that are willing to listen to your advice and agree to your coaching, they are going to look at your RESULTS, not your certifications.

All you need to do to become a successful health coach is to actively use a program or healthy eating plan that works for you and provides you with the ability to get into YOUR best shape. Then share it with others!

That is really all there is needed to become a coach. Learn from someone who has the results you desire, produce that results yourself and then SHARE it with others.

Health Coach Training: 3 Tips We Learned To Become Better Coaches

In our weight-loss community we get together for monthly trainings in different cities and countries around the world to learn from each other and become better as a group so we can take valuable knowledge and education back to our communities to make a positive impact.

Our trip this past weekend was to Minneapolis, Minnesota where we learned some great tips from other health coaches in our group that we think are very valuable to any health coach that is wanting to improve upon themselves and their services.

Health Coach Training

  1. We learned that Winners DO, and losers criticize others. This means that to become a more successful coach you should always focus on practicing what you preach and being your own best customer. Are you doing the things that you teach to your clients? Are you eating the foods and using the products that you promote to your customers? This is the very first step in improving your abilities is to show integrity in what you do and to always be striving towards a new health results. If you want to lose more weight, DO it. If you want to get a 6-pack, DO it. If you want to gain more muscle, DO it. Anything that you teach others to do you should be doing it yourself first and foremost.
  2. Follow-Up is a huge key to retaining customers and team members. You must always be following up with your clients and seeing what they are struggling with and what advice they need. If you expect to be a successful health coach but never call or text your clients after the initial interaction you are going in the wrong direction. “There are pennies in the sale and fortune in the follow-up.”
  3. The last tip we learned is to commit to constant and never-ending improvement. This means that as a health coach you have got to commit a part of everyday learning, growing and becoming a better person. Always striving to be 1% better in your health habits, fitness regimen, personal growth and relationship skills. If you really want to be a health coach who helps thousands of others you have to become the leader that people actually want to follow.

Did these tips help you understand how to become a better health coach? Please share on Facebook or with others you think this post can have a positive impact on.

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