How To Find A Weight-Loss Community To Get In Shape

If you have trouble staying consistent on your health and nutrition journey, it may benefit you to find a group of people who join together and support one another.

Here I share with you how to find and join a weight-loss community that will help you stay accountable towards your goals and get into the best shape of your life!

Kansas City Weight-Loss Challenge

If you located in the Kansas City area and are looking for a local weight-loss challenge to join, learn more on our coaching page.

We run monthly weight-loss challenges in the area and provide you with personal accountability and 1-on-1 support through a personalized meal plan, product recommendations and group meetings.

What Is A Weight-Loss Community?

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while now and had no lasting results and have just not been able to stay consistent enough on your meal plan, finding a healthy group of people could be the answer you’re looking for.

Some of the biggest mistakes we see our clients have made in the past is trying to start a new program or meal plan all by themselves.

Changing your daily habits and routines can be an extremely tough task, something we all struggle with at times. One of the toughest routines to shift is your daily eating habits and how you fuel your body.

This is where joining a weight-loss community can be so helpful! It is a group of like-minded individuals all supporting each other in reaching their goals of living a healthier and more active lifestyle.

It is composed of both coaches AND members that form a community where it’s possible to share all of your problems or breakthroughs. Everyone feels comfortable asking questions, giving answers and giving support and advice to reach their desired goals!


Kelli and I are coaches in our community. We help provide our members AND all of the members in the group with support and advice on many different areas of health, nutrition and fitness.

The coaches job in our group is to always be encouraging and helpful to the people who have joined to make the healthy changes in their life. We help them better understand the right foods to eat, how to plan out your meals, what products and supplements are right for specific goals and invite them to our monthly meetings or group challenges.


The other perspective of our communities are the members of the group. These are the people who have joined because they want to make the healthy changes in their life that have been tough for them to do in the past and are looking for helpful guidance in making their goals a reality.

Members are able to enjoy 1-on-1 support from their coaches and acquire better knowledge from them. It’s also helpful to be around other members who become friends and offer one another helpful guidance in what has helped them in their journey up to that point.

Weight-Loss Programs With Personalized Coaching

If you are searching for a community of people dedicated to help YOU get into shape and reach your goals of a healthy lifestyle, we would love to have you join us!

You get personal coaching and a personalized meal plan to help you create the habits that will help you lose weight and feel great! Fill out the form below and Kelli or Jake will contact you personally..

Why You Should Join A Weight-Loss Community

Now that you know what a weight-loss community is I’ll go over a few benefits you can receive from joining one yourself.

Benefits Of Joining A Weight-Loss Community

  1. Joining a group of people who are all actively working towards living a lifestyle of health and happiness is such an encouraging and helpful step towards reaching your health goals. It’s always better to work with others than to struggle by yourself. We all need support and a helpful hand at times to create the habits that we desire. Why not make it easier on yourself and join a community that is willing and able to help you along every step of the way?
  2. Personal coaching is so helpful if you are looking to improve your health and get into shape. You are able to learn and get support from a coach that has already achieved the healthy body or nutrition habits that you are trying to emulate. They will teach you how to plan out your meals, what constitutes a health snack and follow-up with you daily to make sure you stay on track. If you fall of at times (which you will) it’s also great to know you have someone there by your side who will help inspire you and there to listen to what you struggle with and what solution will work for you.
  3. Possibly the greatest benefit of joining a community like this is the knowledge and education you will receive from the group surrounding the topics of health, nutrition and fitness. The coaches that are available to you should be actively teaching you new ways and means to live a healthier lifestyle. They can teach you how to properly hydrate, the foods that are high in fiber, how to make delicious meal replacement shakes and much more. They not only provide you with daily support but they teach you how to make your new way of life permanent and lasting to where possibly you can become a coach at some points and teach others to reach the results YOU have achieved!

How To Find A Weight-Loss Community

Finding a weight-loss community is easy and only takes a couple of steps but you have got to be COMMITTED to your goals in order to find the motivation to search.

Sometimes joining a group of people can be scary but in the end it will help you reach your goals and hopefully offer you friendships and acquaintances that will last a lifetime.

Kelli and I now have thousands of friends across the globe that we have met through our community and am so fired up everyday be apart of a company and community that helps others achieve the lifestyle they desire!

We make an impact each day and know our community is the best place to be!!

  1. Find a friend or someone you know who has gotten weight-loss results that you admire or want for yourself and ask them what community they are apart of. There are hundreds of groups that help you stay accountable towards your goals and offer you great advice on how to eat right and make your diet work best for you. The quickest way is to find someone you know and you are comfortable with and asking them to join their community.
  2. Like I stated above, we are apart of a local AND global weight-loss community that has meetings and online chats literally everywhere and we would love for you to join us! We provide you with personalized coaching and help you get into the best shape of your life. Our community is always looking for new people who are serious about losing weight and getting healthy and we would love for you to contact us to be apart of our group.

If you would like to learn more about how our weight-loss community can help you live a healthy lifestyle, go to our coaching page and fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as we can!

We look forward to connecting with you and wish you the very best in your search!

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