Fixed vs. Growth: How To Develop A Weight-Loss Mindset

Have you ever heard of the concept of a fixed vs. growth mindset?

In this post I want to share how this powerful concept specially affects your health and how to develop a mindset geared for weight-loss.

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

“The moment we believe success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will brittle in the face of adversity” – Josh Waitzkin

Do you believe all success is fixed: based on natural talents, abilities and skills that are innate and can never be changed or improved?

OR do you believe that success is based upon growth: improving abilities, mastering a craft or growing through adversity?

I want to talk about the concept of fixed mindset vs. growth mindset and how it affects all areas of your life including health and your ability to effectively lose weight.

The video below will explain important ideas and concepts surrounding the subject of a fixed vs. growth mindset..

 The Fixed Mindset

What is a fixed mindset and how does it hinder your overall success in any area of your life?

The Fixed Mindset is a way of thinking and behaving that is based upon beliefs that all success and achievement is based upon factors and variables that have NO chance of being changed or improved.

With this particular outlook you believe that all intelligence and abilities are fixed or innate. Whatever is received at birth is the major factor in results and life achievements.

Genetics and pre-dispositions have the largest effect on talent and no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in there is a floor on anything you are capable of.

The Growth Mindset

What is a growth mindset and how does it boost your overall success in any area of your life?

The Growth Mindset is a way of thinking and behaving that is based up beliefs that all success and achievement is based upon factors and variables that can ALWAYS be changed and improved.

With this outlook you believe that all qualities like intelligence can be developed and raised to higher levels. Whatever your current status in any area (health, financial, intelligence, skill) can immediately be improved by conscious effort.

Genetics and dispositions have little IF ANY effect on skills and no matter how many setbacks or problems you may face, you believe there is always a solutions and a way towards a higher level of understanding. Perseverance is forever available.

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How To Develop A Fixed Mindset

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You realize now that qualities of a fixed and a growth mindset and by now understand that the growth mindset IS the key to living a healthier and happier life.

But how can you develop a fixed mindset? And how to maintain that type of thinking?

First you must realize that both of these types of thinking lead to different behavior and results that affect areas of your life: problem solving skills, managing people, playing sports or any activity you are involved in.

To fulfill your ultimate potential in life you have got to CHANGE your thinking and realize that you are NOT chained to your present capabilities. You have the power to choose a fixed mindset and grow into a more effective and fulfilled person.

Neuroscience now shows that your brain is very malleable and you can change your own ability to think and to perform.

Use these 3 tips to develop a Growth Mindset And Improve Your Circumstances..

  1. Learn to see effort and what is required to solve problems or setbacks as what makes us smart and helps us grow our potential and capabilities. Start to view failures as a part of growth and a way to learn how to become a better person. Develop the ‘I will persevere’ attitude and NEVER see any obstacle as fixed.
  2. Develop a habit of reading practical, non-fiction books that help you improve your intelligence and language skills. The practice of reading to learn useful knowledge is a great step in the right direction because you are teaching yourself that you believe you can learn, grow and achieve through bettering your skills and talents. There are thousands of books that can help you learn new concepts that can help improve your health, financial situation or mindset.
  3. Begin to surround yourself with more positive and up-lifting people. The groups we spend our time around have a large influence on the type of person we become and our belief in the fixed or growth mindset. If you hang out with people who strive for meaningful goals, improve their skills and abilities through reading and help you develop a more happy mindset it will go a long way to help you create the growth mindset.

Weight-Loss Mindset: Use The Growth Mindset To Better Your Health, Lose Weight And Feel Better

How can the belief in growth and improvement help you develop a weight-loss mindset?

If your goal of losing weight and improving your health have been almost impossible to achieve no matter what you do it may be because you have a fixed mindset.

Do you believe that you are overweight and unhealthy because of genetics, pre-dispositions or problems in your family?

These excuses all go to pinpoint a fixed mindset; you believe that no matter what you do or try you will always stay at the same level of health because of limiting factors you have.

I want to share with you how just by developing a growth mindset you will be able to lose weight much easier and enjoy the health and wellness you have always been looking for!

3 Tips To Creating A Weight-Loss Mindset

  1. Understand that your current weight and level of health all is an EFFECT; a secondary reaction. The initial problem is a CAUSE. Stop trying to change an EFFECT and instead work to change the CAUSE. This means you must begin to improve your mindset: your self-confidence, positivity, optimism, the way you view the world, your ability to find solutions to problems etc. In order for you to lose weight and bust through plateaus you may have got to improve your mindset and actually believe that good health and well-being is possible for you. Start learning more about proper health, nutrition and weight-loss so you can grow your intelligence and behaviors surrounding the subject.
  2. Improve your motivation to lose weight by developing a mindset of growth and improvement. Motivation is, again, an effect. The root cause of motivation comes from your beliefs and choices on how to live. Your habits and behaviors are what causes your motivation or lack thereof.
  3. Learn proper nutrition habits, best products for your specific weight-loss goals and get daily accountability from a personal health coach. The most effective way to develop a weight-loss mindset is to learn from someone who has lost weight and achieved the results you desire. Learn directly from them how to meal plan, eat healthy and what meals and snacks are conducive to losing weight. Understand that there are so many people who can help walk you step-by-step from where you are in your health to where you would like to be. The quickest way to get the health you want is by learning from someone who already has it.

The fixed mindset and growth mindset are just two different ways to view the world: one offers success, fulfillment, happiness and growth. The other offers failure, discontentment, loneliness and sadness.

The question is, which mindset do you want to have?

Choose and develop a growth mindset and see all of the results in your life improve: lose weight, increase your career success, solve problems more effectively and enjoy more happiness.

The choice is yours!

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