Kettlebell Workout For Women (Video Inside)

Quick and simple kettlebell workout for women that helps tone your lower body, increase your heart rate AND burn fat!

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Best Kettlebell Workout For Women

This workout gives your full body some work but mainly focuses on strengthening and toning your lower body with the squats and lunges. Make sure to focus on proper squat and lunge form as showed in the video.

Kettlebell Exercises For Women

This is intended to be a low-weight and high-rep type of workout. This maximizes heart rate and fat-burning zone. Warm-up with some type of high-knees or leg extensions to get your blood moving and muscles ready to go.

Side-To-Side Squat – 20 total reps

Forward Lunge – 10 reps each leg

Regular Squat – 20 total reps

Straight-Leg Deadlift – 20 total reps

Rest in-between each set 1 minute. Perform complete workout 2-3 times. Rest in-between each workout 3 minutes.

Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts For Women

  1. Allows you to implement weight-training into your fitness routine without much experience or strength. You should have a very light-weight kettlebell in your gym or facility.
  2. Very flexible style of training because it allows you to perform a wide-range of exercises and moves that other weights don’t allow.
  3. Makes at-home weight-training and fitness more easier..
  4. Buying a set is easy and a very convenient way to start a fitness routine without having to pay for monthly gym memberships or take out the time each week to go to the gym.

Best Kettlebell Set For Beginners

If you want to buy a kettlebell set and get started on your new fitness journey, there are a few options you have.

In my opinion to get the most out of a kettlebell set you want to have at least 5-6 different weights so you can start out low and increase to more weight as your routine gets more developed.

The best kettlebell set (according to customer reviews)  is the Yes4All Super Cast Iron Kettlebell..

This set includes 6 different weights of kettlebells (5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs and 30 lbs).

This makes it very convenient if you are a beginner with kettlebells or even very experienced. The full set of weights allows you to perform many different types of workouts AND gives you a great range to increase or decrease weight as necessary.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 10.41.40 AM
Yes4All Super Cast Iron Kettlebell Set

You can learn more about this kettlebell set and see if it is the right choice for your workout routine HERE.

If this workout provided you with value please share on Facebook or with anyone you know looking to try a new routine in their fitness journey!

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