Positive Affirmations For Weight-Loss: Grow Your Self-Confidence

Have you wondered before what affirmations are and how they work?

IF your goal is to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle quicker then you must know how to use them and the benefits they bring. In this post learn the power of positive self-talk and specific ways to use it every day to transform your life and achieve the results you desire!

Weight-Loss Coaches

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Personalized meal plans, healthy meal and snack options, product recommendations and group challenges are a few of the services we provide. If you are ready to make the decision to get healthy, fill out the form on our coaching page and tell us your specific goals. We look forward to connecting with you!

Why You Should Practice Affirmations Daily



If you have thought before that this topic was a bit odd or weird, I advise you to change your opinion on it. Self-talk is a huge determining factor in how well you feel about your body and ultimately the results you get.

An affirmation is a statement that describes a goal in its already completed state.

The purpose of these repeated statements and completed goals is it allows you to control your mindset, build your confidence and keep your focus on what you WANT to achieve and NOT on what you fear or worry about.

Kelli and I use this practice every day and night and it has always helped us tremendously with keeping a positive mindset and growing our self-esteem.

You need to use affirmations daily if you want the health results you desire. 

Six Steps To Creating Effective Affirmations


Follow these simple steps to create your positive statements:

  1. Begin with I am. These two words are extremely powerful and direct your mind to immediately work to achieve this outcome. This begins the process correctly.
  2. Speak In Present Tense. Formulate your statements as if you already have achieved or completed your goal.
    • Incorrect: I am going to weigh 130 lbs.
    • Correct: I am feeling incredibly healthy weighing 130 lbs.
  3. Always state with the positive, NEVER in the negative. Make sure to always use words that affirm what you WANT, not what you don’t want. Your mind does not recognize ‘no’ or ‘not’, it only works with the image you give to it.
    • Incorrect: I am no longer feeling overweight or obese.
    • Correct: I now feel lean, healthy and vibrant.
  4. Keep it short. Make sure your positive affirmations are brief so that it makes it easy to memorize and remember anytime. Too long of affirmations are to complicated and won’t allow your mind to focus enough.
  5. Be specific. Your statements need to focus on an exact number or distinct detail.
    • Incorrect: I look great and feel wonderful.
    • Correct: I am super excited to now be at my perfect weight, 115 lbs.
  6. Provide verbs and action words. Using this type of vocabulary will help your mind to imagine and focus on the exact image in action already helping you feel great in the moment.
    • Incorrect: I work out each and every day to keep in shape.
    • Correct: I am working out each day and crushing my weight-loss goals

If you follow these exact steps there are almost an endless amount of positive statements you can make that will heighten your self-talk and get you feeling about your overall health.

Are you wanting to find a weight-loss program that works for you? As personal health coaches we provide you with 1-on-1 support and accountability to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Fill in your information below and let us know how we can help you get into the best shape of your life!

List Of Positive Affirmations For Weight-Loss


Now that you now the exact step-by-step process to creating your very own positive mantras, here are some specific affirmations to help you lose weight and increase your self-esteem.

–  I am excitingly meeting many new friends that support me in my health journey!

I am peacefully thinking about my wonderful health and well-being.

I am proudly weighing in at my ultimate goal and feel fantastic!

– I am celebrating winning our local weight-loss challenge!

– I am feeling secure and confident with my body.

– I feel lean, strong and healthy weighing at ____ lbs and ___% body fat.

– I am delighted that all my friends and family are telling me how healthy I look!

– I am lovingly accepting my body and excited for my weight-loss results.

– I am happily weighing ____ lbs and feel vibrant and healthy!

– I am feeling confident and beautiful at my perfect weight, ___ lbs.

Above are 10 incredibly powerful affirmations for weight-loss and will help you reach your health goals much faster. Most importantly these statements help to continually keep your mind on the way you want to feel when your perfect weight is already accomplished, which is crucial in helping you attain your desired weight faster.

How To Use Daily Affirmations

For More Information On Affirmations And Proper Use:

Life-Changing Affirmations

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17 Positive Affirmations

You now know how to create self-talk statements AND have a list of specific ones you can use right now. The next step is learning how to effectively apply this knowledge on a daily basis and put it into practical use for your benefit.

Here is a key fact you must be aware of; if you really have a burning desire to lose weight and get healthy, you MUST repeat these statements every day over and over again UNTIL your goals are reached.

You will get no actual results if you only intermittently read your statements or only last a week. IF you are actually serious about creating this new health and wellness lifestyle, commit to this process for AT LEAST 30 straight days. Give yourself a whole month to continually practice this process until you judge whether or not it’s working for you.

  1. Go over your affirmations one to three times a day. The best times are first thing in the morning, in the afternoon to regain focus, and just before you fall asleep at night.
  2. If possible, reach each statement out loud in front of a mirror. If you can’t make sure to record yourself reading them out loud on your cell-phone or any recording device where you can listen to it at anytime throughout the day uninterrupted.
  3. After each time you read one, close your eyes for a few seconds and actually imagine this goal as ALREADY achieved. Try to actually experience and feel yourself at your perfect weight and feeling lean or toned up.
  4. Try to develop as much feeling as possible with each affirmation. The stronger you feel about the statement, the more belief you will gain and in turn the faster your weight-loss results will increase.

Additional Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

  • Put up post-it notes or index cards with your affirmations written on them
  • Create a vision board with images and pictures of the way you want to look and feel in your health and nutrition journey (Great video on how to make a vision board)
  • Put your affirmations on your computer screen saver or your cell-phones home screen so you will constantly keep them in front of you.
  • Go over them in your head while you are in traffic, waiting in line or any free time you have. The more you repeat them the better.

The Most Important Aspect Of Weight-Loss Is YOU

If you find yourself not enjoying the health or well-being that you desire, the only person you have to blame is yourself. I now that may sound harsh, but it’s the truth.

You have made the choices and the decisions that have led you to this point. If you suffer from being overweight, constant sickness, always are tired and never have any energy, you are the person to point the finger at.

However this can be great because it means YOU are the one who can decide to change this. To begin to make new choices that can lead to a life of pristine health and always being at your perfect weight and feeling great!

This is why affirmations are so important in your journey. Affirmations are a way you can practice new habits that create new beliefs in your mind that will help you take the actions you need to live in a healthier body.

I hope these this provided you with value. Please share these on Facebook or anyone that is interested in learning more about affirmations and how they positively affect with weight-loss.







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