How To Use Social Media To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

How often do you use social media on a daily basis? Do you check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat almost every hour?

Well if you use these platforms often AND have goals of losing weight and improving your health I will go over specific ways you can use the power of this technology to get the health results you desire.

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Impact Of Social Media On Health And Nutrition

effects of facebook on health and nutrition

There’s no doubting that platforms like Facebook and Instagram have completely changed the whole fabric of how we experience and view daily life.

If you really think about it, just being able to click three buttons and being connected to hundreds of thousands people’s lives in an instant is ‘crazy’ to say the least. Twenty years ago social media would have sounded like an alien creation, yet we know we use it almost religiously.

So what does the use and implication of this technology have specifically on our health and nutrition? On how we eat, what we eat and how we choose to view our overall well-being?

Well the answer to that is, like anything, two sides to the same coin. There is a way it benefits our health and nutrition and an equally opposite way it hinders.

Positive Benefits Of Social Media On Health And Nutrition

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be so powerful and helpful for anyone that is looking to improve their health. It allows for a 24/7 support system, helpful information and inspiration/motivation from others who lead from the front and practice healthy living and share it to the world using these platforms.

Following a person’s journey has never been easier. Is there someone you look up to that has the health or fitness results you are seeking? Than you have access to see what they do, how they eat and fuel their body and what makes them unique to live that lifestyle. Kelli and I provide this type of inspiration by posting our journey daily to help others see what’s possible for them.

Follow us on Instagram for daily health and fitness tips, motivation and help with weight-loss.

Another benefit is the ability you have personally to post pictures, videos and updates on how your own health and fitness journey is coming along. It allows you to have constant support from friends and family or even your own personal health coach. Support from others is so crucial to starting and keeping consistent on a new meal plan or healthy diet. These platforms allow you to have support at all times and access to others who can provide encouragement, advice and guidance.

Negative Aspects Of Social Media On Health And Nutrition

Just as this technology can help tremendously in the area of health and wellness it can be just as detrimental. Ever heard of the term, ‘Bad Vibes’? Well I think it’s safe to say I’m not the first one to tell you that unfortunately at times, these channels of communication suffer from this at times.

Do you find yourself feeling worse or in a darker mood after checking your social accounts? This could be that your feed is full of negativity, hate and condemnatory posts.

Because of this channel of constant communication there is never a stop to the amount of hateful posts and comments online. Social media can be a breeding ground for “internet trolls” to spread negativity and useless criticism. If you allow this to affect your health journey and get yourself down because of others people’s opinions or advertisements of doom and gloom, social media could just be the tool stopping you from making any real progress in your weight-loss goals.

Just as equally destructive can be your comparison to others people’s accounts or lives via platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. Social media gives us all a platform where at times we can make it seem like our life is perfect and having no flaws. This can be detrimental to someone just beginning to take a stand and work towards healthier habits and eating a cleaner and more nutritious diet because they may find themselves always comparing their journey to someone else’s.

A favorite quote of mine is, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

Comparing yourself to others will NEVER get you to the place you want to be. If you want to lose weight and feel great about your physical body you have got to build the habit of only focusing on improving yourself and using other people’s journey ONLY as inspiration and never a cause for doubting your own journey.

Using Social Media For Weight-Loss And Improving Your Health

Now that you understand some of the positive and negative aspects of social media on your health, how specifically can you use it to more effectively get healthy and reach your weight-loss goals?

  1. Weight-Loss Buddy. In the past how much have you wished for a friend or family member to start a new health and fitness journey with you? This is exactly what is meant by a weight-loss buddy. Social media allows you to have access to literally hundreds of thousands of other people in the whole world who want to lose weight and would be a great person for you to reach out to and keep each other accountable. Now I understand this will take some effort, but that’s the whole point. IF you are truly committed to your ultimate health goals it will be easy for you to take the time and friend someone on Facebook or Instagram and simply ask them ‘Would you like to be accountability partners towards losing weight and becoming healthier together?
  2. Join A Group Weight-Loss Challenge. Have you ever been interested of the benefits of group challenges? They promote healthy habits, educate on various nutrition subjects and allow for friendly competition to see who can commit to a plan and get the best results. An example of a fun weight-loss challenge is 20 members all commit to a month’s nutrition program and twice each week they meet to go over one specific subject (example: Benefits Of Fiber On Losing Weight) and at the end of the month the person who loses the most weight gets a prize. This can be a fantastic way for you to gain accountability and support from a group of like-minded people all working towards the same goal as you. Challenges are one of the best ways to help with motivation while working towards your goals of a healthier and active lifestyle. Fill out the form on our coaching page to enter our next social media weight-loss challenge.
  3. Follow Specific Accounts Or People Who Educate And Inspire. Are there people you look up to that have the health and vitality that you want? Well a simple way to use their results as inspiration is to follow their journey on any platform (Instagram is one of the best for health and fitness accounts). Make sure the person you are following does a great job of educating on health and nutrition not just flaunting their own personal gains and triumphs. Not that self-promotion is a bad thing at all, just be sure they provide you with value that can help you better work toward your goals using specific, practical tips. They may provide you with daily recipes, fitness workouts, weight-loss tips or promote nutritional products that could greatly improve your health and much more. The most important concept here is to learn that what you focus on you will attract into your life. So if your goal is learning how to lose weight and burn fat using meal replacement shakes and supplement your diet, follow someone who promotes those kind of products AND uses them DAILY.

Use The Internet And Social Media To Make A Positive Impact

Peaceful Yoga In The Park


Social media is such a powerful and life-changing tool yet it seems as less than 10 year into its existence, we already take it for granted. These platforms are not within 10 seconds at all times of being right in our consciousness and awareness.

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account there is no doubt that social media has some sort of impact on your daily life.

The point I want to make here to close this out is this: use this technology to help others, be an inspiration, perfect your craft and share with the world your unique talents, abilities and skills.

Refrain from posting negative news articles, hateful messages blaming others for your problems. Be mature.

If you have specific knowledge and results from a healthy program that helped you lose 20 lbs or a new healthy recipe you cooked then share it on your accounts and help others create the same results. Health and nutrition continues to be the most important aspect of our lives. We literally are what we eat.

Social media now is arguably the most popular avenue we use to communicate and connect with fellow human so we MUST use it to promote good health, proper eating habits and beneficial workout routines.

Above all just use social media to be a positive influence on others and a testament to what we all have the potential of becoming: healthy, happy and wealthy people in all the areas of life. Become the person you would like to follow!

If this gave you value please share on Facebook or with friends and family.


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