Hotel Room Workout: Ab Routine

Do you have trouble staying active in your fitness routine while traveling? NO excuses..

Try this quick and simple Ab routine right from a hotel room.. Only takes 15 minutes to get a great core workout!

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Travel and Fitness: Core Workout In A Hotel Room

This workout should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete but if done correctly will have your core burning and abs popping!

Simply choose your own sets and reps to accompany your fitness level.

The workout includes planks bicycles, crunches, leg swing throughs.

How To Get Motivated To Exercise While Traveling

Do you ever struggle to stay consistent with your fitness routine while you are on vacation or traveling for work?

I would guess there are many people who just can’t seem to stay true to their workouts while on the road. Harnessing up motivation to wake up early and get to the hotel gym or put a mat on your room floor to do some core exercises can be a tough gig.


However here I want to share a few tips on how to stay motivated and make sure you get your workout in while you are on the road!

  1. If you have to get up early to get your workout in it can help immensely if you put on some type of motivational audio or video right after waking up. This will help get your mind right and get you fired up to complete your workout. I would recommend any motivational YouTube video from Les Brown (Les Brown workout motivation).
  2. Have you written down your ultimate goal to help you remember WHY you are even workout out? Most people start a nutrition program or fitness plan and don’t have a clue what they are even aiming for. This is a HUGE mistake. Don’t let yourself fail because you don’t have a target. Set a clear, precise goal (example: I will be 110 lbs, lean and feeling healthy!)  Trust me, this is a crucial step and will help you tremendously in your health and fitness journey.
  3. Make it a quick workout, 15 minutes preferably and 30 minutes tops. Shorten your workouts while you are traveling this way you give yourself adequate time and don’t need to be rushing to get cleaned up or to your job. This is NOT giving in. This is you continuing to keep your fitness goal in mind and still taking the time out of your morning or evening to get a sweat in and feel good about yourself!

Eating Healthy: Tips To Stay On Your Meal Plan When You Travel


Also remember that a healthy and active lifestyle is all based on the 80/20 rule of nutrition and fitness. It states that 80% of results come from nutrition and 20% come from nutrition.

This means that you simply can’t outwork a bad diet! 

No matter how much you workout and train your body through fitness, you will always become what you eat. Nutrition is the most important part and makes the most difference in the overall health and well-being of your body.

Here are 3 tips you can use right now to make sure you stick to your meal plan while traveling, eat healthy and crush your goals!

  1. Find yourself a personal health coach. Someone who has already achieved the healthy lifestyle you want can help you step-by-step to get into the shape that you desire. When you travel it can be tough to stick to a program all by yourself. This is where a health coach comes in, someone with a passion to help keep you consistent and give you the practical tips you need to stay motivated and on track to reach your health goals.
  2. Add in meal replacement shakes and other healthy supplements to your program. The reason eating healthy while you are on the road is because you just can’t seem to find enough time to prepare enough meals that are healthy. This is where you can use healthy meal smoothies to keep you on track. They are so beneficial because it only takes 5 minutes to prepare and you have a 170 calorie meal with 17 grams of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals. (Shop Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes).
  3. Have a Chipotle by your hotel? I’m sure you do, they are EVERYWHERE. If you follow these instructions on what to get in your bowl, this can be 2 healthy meal that are easy to eat and warm up. Healthy Chipotle Bowl To-Go: Brown Rice, 1/2 Black 1/2 Pinto Beans, Fajita Veggies, Pico De Gallo, Green Salsa, Corn Mix, Lettuce and Guacamole on the side. No I did not forget, there is NO meat in the bowl. Mix these up between two meals and this is a great, quick and healthy option you can use to make sure you stay on your meal plan.

All and all these tips should help you with both your diet plan AND fitness while you are traveling. Staying in a hotel room while you are away for work or travel is NO excuse to fail on your program and give up.

Use this hotel room ab routine and easy health and fitness tips to stay true to your health goals and get into the best shape of your life!

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