Peaceful Yoga In The Park

Quick video of Kelli’s Yoga Practice in a nearby park.. relaxing, peaceful and serene.

If you haven’t tried yoga before it is highly recommended for positive benefits: physically, mentally and spiritually!

Also want to share a few insights into how incredible Yoga is for all-around health along with a simple meditation practice mixed in!

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Peaceful Yoga In The Park

Obviously the video about is a short practice for Kelli, however a short routine still provides benefits and better peace of mind.

Especially if you are just starting out, begin with short practices like this one to help you get used to the movements and start to improve your flexibility which is a huge factor in Yoga.

Kelli and I both enjoy Yoga but she practices more often. She has gotten quite proficient over these last couple of years and has gradually continued to improve her posture and form. I’m extremely proud of her for the commitment to practice on a weekly basis and to practice Yoga for its physical AND mental benefits.

Positive Benefits – Why We Love And Recommend Yoga To Clients


For an in-depth explanation of all the amazing reasons to do yoga, go here.

Kelli and I absolutely love the practice and there are a few specific reasons we find it so helpful. Our philosophy is that health and wellness is composed of 3 main areas: physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga offers all 3 of these.

  1. Physically it improves strength, flexibility and breathing patterns which help supply more oxygen to your cells. Even beginner flows provide the opportunity to gain strength and flexibility which are two major factors in sound physical health. (Try the bird of paradise like Kelli in the video, you’ll understand)
  2. Mentally there is not better physical activity in my opinion that offers practice in focus, concentration and stress-relief. Practicing yoga requires you to be very present and concentrated on your current mood or breathing which boosts mental strength and clears your mind of worries and fears. One of the best ways to relax and feel calm is yoga.
  3. Spiritually it is also a great activity because of the times of meditation and silence of calmness of mind you will experience. No matter what beliefs you have, times of silence can offer you great opportunities to get in touch with your inner-being and really give you a deeper perspective on life and faith in general. Yoga has allowed both Kelli and I to understand better who we truly are and our purpose for being alive.

Yoga For Beginners – Where Should You Start?

If you’ve always been interested in Yoga and never taken the time to do a practice or find a studio, I would suggest the latter.

Finding a local Yoga studio is the most convenient way to begin your journey in Yoga and to meet others interested in the practice. Another plus of finding a local studio is you will meet new friends and have instructors who can help guide you on the best classes to start with and how to improve your overall experience.

If you happen to live in Kansas City, we would highly recommend In Bliss Yoga Studio. That is the main studio we attend and we love the people, instructors and all the classes that are offered. Great for beginners AND experts alike. They have different practices for every skill levels and the best part is the practices always have meditations and some spiritual focus.

Apart from that I hope you gain some value to these insights into Yoga and why it is a great practice for improving your overall health and wellness. It can be a great starting point for anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels and at the same time reap the benefits of better peace of mind and a relaxed environment!

Please share with friends you know interested in Yoga and comment with some benefits you have found from practicing Yoga!

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