What We Learned From Watching ‘Food Matters’ Documentary..

Last night Kelli and I watched the Food Matters documentary. It was very eye-opening and brought to our attention some problems in our society.

In this post I share our takeaways from the film and how you can all apply some of the advice to live a healthier and happier life.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food – Hippocrates

Food Matters Documentary Trailer

Takeaways From The Film “Food Matters”

This informative documentary took into account a wide-range of factors and concepts concerning health, nutrition, health-care and a in-depth look into the cancer treatments of hospitals and large health clinics.

To begin with, it’s a must watch documentary film if you have even a slight interest in bettering your life through physical health and nutrition as well as learning useful knowledge to improve your health and well-being.

To begin the overview of what we learned from the movie and the positive action steps we took away from it, I want to discuss the problems of modern-day health that was discussed and how this is negatively affecting the world population as a whole.

Malnutrition, Broken Health-Care and Misinformation About Food



*One glaring issue in the film was how malnutrition was a large, if not THE largest factor of sickness and disease in the world. 

Modern-day agriculture has taken a toll on the nutritional value and substance of our food supply and has equated to more people being malnourished.

Because of the high amounts of pesticides and herbicides used in modern-farming AND because of the shipping of produce from thousands of miles away to local grocery stores, fruits and vegetables in supermarkets are drastically low in nutrients from their original state.

*Broken health-care systems and modern hospitals seem to be only prolonging sickness and finding no valuable ways or means to cure patients.

So much attention and fear in American society specifically seems to be surrounding the topic of health-care, costs of coverages and treatments etc. But the question in Food Matters that is proposed is, is health-care even effective?

A term I’ve heard that describes the modern health system is ‘sick-care’ because it seems as though it only tends to perpetuate disease and only focuses on effects, not causes of the disease or sickness.

Specifically cancer treatment was discussed and the utter failure of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery in actually curing cancer.

*It seems as though a large majority of people seem to be misinformed about food and nutrition and the actual causes of diseases. This seems to come from advertising and hospitals and doctors never having the proper education of the importance of nutrition for the physical body.

The film highlighted how many people in today’s world still have no clue on the principles of a healthy life because of the vast misinformation about food, disease and nutrition.

Without the proper knowledge, how would someone understand the proper way to promote their health?

Because of the power and monetary status of some large pharmaceutical companies, drugs still seem to be the choice of doctors and patients way to “better” themselves.

How To Use The Information From Food Matters To Improve Your Life


As weight-loss and health coaches in the Kansas City area, our ultimate goal is to always share what we learn to positively benefit the lives of individuals and society collectively.

We want to make a difference not only in the lives of our clients and organization, but in the lives of others in our community and around the world to make health and nutrition the number one priority for us all.

This documentary led us to a few major realizations that we would like to share with you so you can immediately apply the information from the film and use it to improve your own life and hopefully sharing with your friends and family!

  1. Realize the glaring importance of nutrition in terms of a healthy lifestyle and the difference feeding your body the correct foods can have on your overall health and well-being. Understand that a diet based upon plants, water-rich foods and the correct vitamins/supplements is the basis of eating and living well. Organic fruits and vegetables need to provide half if not even more of what you eat. Water-rich foods are fruits and vegetables. Healthy vitamins and supplements can also make a major positive difference in your health because of the extra nutrients and minerals they can provide that are lacking from the majority of food available today.
  2. Understand that modern-health care is failing in lots of areas because of the focus on treating disease, NOT on changing the CAUSE of disease or sickness which will always be the nutrition you feed your body. The body has self-healing mechanisms that need the correct fuel from food. Prescription medication is never the long-term solution to a bodily illness or sickness. Proper nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle is the main indicator of your health and vitality.
  3. Immediately now begin to research yourself about what the documentary is saying. Begin to read books and articles on the importance of diet and nutrition and how it is the sole causer of either a healthy body or unhealthy body. Arm yourself with knowledge and understanding of proper eating habits, nutritious foods and supplements that can increase your vitality immediately. If you are constantly having health problems and looking for the next prescription drug to cure you, realize that the change will come from your lifestyle habits. Take back control of YOUR life!

The overall takeaway of the documentary Food Matters is the useful information and knowledge (backed by facts) that it provides. We recommend everyone to watch it because it will give you the basics of where to begin to take back your own health and un-burden you from all your previous health problems and health-care costs.

I hope this review of Food Matters provided you lots of value and some action steps that you can take right now to improve your health and to begin the habit of feeding your body the right nutrition. As passionate health coaches we are always happy to share this life-changing information and hope we in some way spurred you into creating a new lifestyle!



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