3 Easy Tips For Better Consistency If You Struggle With Sticking To A Diet

Always struggling to complete a new diet?

Here I go through 3 easy ways that will help you be more consistent on your diet, keep yourself motivated and reach your weight loss goals!

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Why Do You Have So Much Trouble Sticking With A Diet?


You are probably not alone in having this issue as there are lots of people who just can’t seem to stick with a new meal plan for very long. It becomes continually frustrating when time after time they just can’t seem to complete their diet and get the results they are searching for.

Does this sound like an obstacle you’ve encountered lately or in the past?

Sticking with a healthy diet is really simple and joyously easy if you know what you’re doing and apply a few basic principles that work for everyone, every time!

So if you answered yes, that sticking with a healthy eating plan is something you have constantly struggled with than these tips are for you! I want to give you the knowledge and confidence that if you understand these basic concepts, you will always get the results you desire!

Why Do You Never Finish Your Weight Loss Plan?

IF you have set out to lose weight in the past and chosen a diet program or nutrition plan that seemed right for you, you probably began your new journey with excitement and the confidence that THIS was the point where you would finally finish and CRUSH your goals.

However, two weeks in you start having to many cheat meals and begin to slide off track. One off day turns into two and suddenly the whole week has been an utter disaster. Out of frustration and discouragement, you QUIT and your dreams of a new healthy active lifestyle are shot.

“Quitters never win and winners never quit.”

If the above scenario sounded similar to something you’ve went through in the past with a diet program, THESE are the problems you were most likely facing..

  • You Lost All Motivation
  • You Didn’t Have A Personal Health Coach (Crucial To Success)
  • Your Friends Or Family Didn’t Support Or Encourage You
  • The Reasons To Achieve Your Goals Weren’t Strong Enough
  • You Lacked The Necessary Self-Esteem
  • You Didn’t Have Accountability Partners Or Support System
  • The Meal Plan Or Diet Was Too Complicated

There could be more examples or reasons you particularly struggled with but this covers most of the basic principles of the ways we have heard clients and team members who struggled to complete previous diets and programs.

Now that you understand some of the reasons you have failed in the past, what are helpful tips that will help you stay more consistent and achieve the healthy, active lifestyle you desire?

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3 Tips For Increased Motivation And Consistency That Will Help You Succeed On Your Diet


These 3 specific concepts can help you immensely build the proper amount of motivation and confidence level in yourself that will lead you to become a MASTER at sticking to your goals, completing a weight-loss program in full AND adopt a completely new lifestyle that will last forever!

1) Surround Yourself With A Positive, Healthy Support System

Let’s begin with this particular malady so many people find themselves conflicted by because of how much it truly encompasses. Support systems are important in almost any area of life but most don’t realize the impact it has on diets and healthy meal plans.

Support Systems include not only your family and friends, but also YOURSELF.

The team of people you surround yourself with includes first and foremost your own self. So the question becomes, how confident are you in yourself? Do you have an adequate amount of self-esteem to reach your goals of losing weight and getting healthy?

You need to realize that for you to stay consistent requires constant motivation from YOU. You have to be your best cheerleader or believes in your abilities and who has complete faith that you will reach your goals!

If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others?

So if you become absolutely enthused and confident that you have what it takes to complete your new program and are ready to take the new habits on, you must then make sure you surround yourselves with the right people.

Many of our clients had no idea that in the past when they would fail over and over to lose weight and get healthy it was because their whole support system was negative. No one from their friends or family ever would provide encouragement, which we all need to truly succeed in any endeavor.

Having people that lift you up and encourage you on a daily basis is crucial and will help you out a ton when it comes to sticking to your diet.

The last piece of a proper support system is having a personal coach that provides you 1-on-1 support and 24/7 accountability to make SURE you reach your health goals. So many people fail because they don’t have someone to guide them in how to eat, what to eat and when to eat.

Health coaches also provide motivation and encouragement that so many people miss out on. Also the ability to be recommended personalized programs and gain entry to weight-loss challenge and healthy eating groups can be a huge boost to your confidence levels. When you surround yourself with other people on the same journey as you, it gives you that extra boost to keep going and know that it is all worth the end result!

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2) Understand The Basics Of A Healthy Meal And Cellular Nutrition

Number two on the list is equally important because it is the basis of a healthy diet that recognizes nutrition as the most important aspect of living healthy. Many programs focus too much on counting calories and restricting certain foods or practices. The philosophy we use, which works (client results) focuses on proper nutrition, implementation of the best meal replacement shakes and coaching to educate everyone on basics of a healthy diet.

First let’s introduce basics of a balanced, healthy meal and what it consists of.

Balanced nutrition is key for any type of health results: weight-loss, weight maintenance, gaining weight, boosting energy etc. It first begins with a balanced meal consisting of 3 specific areas: Lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and vegetables.

A healthy dinner will consist of portions of each of these 3 areas which will provide your body with the right fuel, energy and nutrition to help you keep your body properly nourished.

Healthy Dinner OptionsIMG_0882



  • Beef 4 oz – 25 grams
  • Chicken Breast 4 oz – 25 grams
  • Turkey Breast or Ground Turkey 4 oz – 25 grams
  • Fish 4 oz – 25-31 Grams
  • Tuna 4 oz – 27 grams

Healthy Carbohydrates:

  • Black Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Wild Rice
  • Sweet Potato
  • Yams
  • Quinoa/Couscous

This leads right into the practice of cellular nutrition. Learning that any results you seek is predicated on providing your body with nutrients and energy at the most important level (cells). Practicing sound principles that aid you in Feeling better, NOT restricting foods and focusing continuously on calories.

That is why the healthy nutrition products we use are so important for the meal programs and diets we provide to our clients. They focus on the basis of great nutrition and fueling a healthy lifestyle at the cellular level.

A basic meal plan we provide consists of 2 of our meal replacement shakes each day along with 1 full healthy meal.

Browse our full nutrition programs that provide proper nutrition at a cellular level. Comes with personal coaching AND accountability. Lose Weight and Feel Great!

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Our clients and team members all have had great results IF they stick to our provided meal plans, be accountable and teachable and include themselves in all of our challenges and events. All of these combined make an almost unstoppable force in staying consistent to a meal plan and achieving weight-loss results!

3) Stop Making Excuses And Take Responsibility For Your Health 


The last tip is pretty self-explanatory but if you really try to understand what I am about to say, this point alone can help you achieve the health and happiness you have always dreamed of, no questions about it.

*If you want to learn about this concept in full-depth, check out this post.*

The basis of what this means for you is this: realize that you and only you are responsible for how you physical health turns out. The one person you need to be blaming for being overweight is YOU.

There is no one else in your life that DIRECTLY affects your health; only YOU can make the ultimate decision on how you want to feel, how you desire to look.

You may be asking, how is this a tip to stay more consistent?

The answer would be because once you accept this as the truth it takes our all the frustration and agony from blaming your friends, family or job for having health problems and being overweight.

It’s a glorious feeling when you finally take full responsibility for your own life and realize that where you are has been because of your choices and habits in the past; but you can make the choice RIGHT NOW to decide to finish what you have started and lose weight for good!

As coaches, Kelli and I are so passionate about helping our clients and teammates figure this one point out because of the extreme positive difference it can make in their lives. Not just for physical health but in all areas.

We have coaches hundreds of people who started out with zero confidence in themselves, had failed in 5 or 6 different diets previously, but when they learned this third tip their whole reality shifted and helped them realize their goals.

Summary: How To Use These Tips For Practical Application

To end I want to share some action items you can begin to immediately use these tips to your advantage. I’m going to make the assumption your goal is to lose weight and give examples how to apply each one of these tips to help out.

  1. Losing weight is easy when you build consistent habits, find a personal weight-loss coach to assist you and surround yourselves with a support system who encourages you and WANTS you to succeed. Reach out to us here on our coaching page and tell us your goals and ask about early entry to our upcoming weight-loss challenges. We will help you reach your goals and help you become surrounded by a positive group who is on your team! This will help you find a health coach AND get a positive support system all in one.
  2. This tip explained the value of understanding cellular nutrition and what constitutes a healthy meal. To help you implement this you action item is to look up and find 5 recipes you can cook that contain each of the lean protein sources and complex carbohydrates. This will help you immediately get some great ideas to prep a few meals and be ready to go when you begin your nutrition program.
  3. Final tip reviewed how to take responsibility for your own physical health, stop blaming others for your problems and to take control of your weight and follow through with your specific program. I’d like to give you access to our pdf guide that gives you the 3 secrets of weight-loss motivation and how to use them to consistently reach your goals. It’s completely FREE, our gift to you! Download HERE.

If you got value from these tips please share on Facebook or comment with tips you have used.



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