How To Be Healthier On The Weekends

Do you completely fall off of your diet or meal plan when the weekend comes around?

Here I share with you a few ways to stick to your plan and stay true to your health goals on the weekends.

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Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals: How To Be Healthier On The Weekends


Have you ever had a week of flawless execution of your meal plan? Have your meals, nutrition and workouts been so in sync that you just felt great?

But when the weekend came did the wheels fall off? Did you feel by Sunday night that your whole plan was finished; that you had failed so bad you could not get back on track?

This problem seems to be common among many of our clients and I’m sure at least once you have suffered from this obstacle. Staying true to your new healthy lifestyle is extra tough specifically on the weekends because of all the distractions you may encounter.

Obstacles You Must Overcome To Stay Committed To Your Meal Plan

  • Parties
  • Family Events
  • Friends
  • Bars/Nightlife
  • Late Night Fast-Food
  • Free Time

There are probably many more obstacles, but these are a few of the more problematic for most people.

These obstacles can be overcome with the adoption of a few simple tips that can help you kick old habits and stay true to your weight-loss goals or any healthy program you may be following.

3 Tips To Eat Healthy On The Weekend

  1. Limit your consumption of alcohol – In life and society today, alcohol has become more than socially acceptable. The weekends are especially a time where for the majority of the population, alcohol flows in abundance (In no way am I judging or denouncing alcohol, just giving a helpful tip). To stay healthy on the weekends you must limit how much you drink because of the crippling effects alcohol can have on your health goals. The extra calories, post-night headache and drowsiness will only continue to deter you from hitting your goals of losing weight. (Stick to clear alcohol when drinking like Vodka, Rum or Gin)
  2. Plan Healthy Weekend MealsSticking to your weight-loss goals requires discipline and constant planning. Thinking ahead of time and having healthy meals prepared or cooked by the weekend can be a huge advantage in staying healthy all weekend and could very well be the difference in reaching your goals or failing. Planning meals with your family could enhance this point even further. Healthy meals around the table with your loved ones is a great way for the whole house to be accountable and make the right, healthy choices.
  3. Re-think or find a new circle of friends – This last tip you may think is totally unreasonable or never bound to happen. Hear me out; if the weekends are a huge deterrent to getting into the physical shape or health you desire, it may have its root cause in the people you hang around with. IF you are choosing to party, eat unhealthy and never exercise or get active on the weekends, the people you hang around with have some effect on that. You may be completely unwilling to even give this thought but IF you are serious about losing weight and reaching your goals, you may question some of the friends you choose to spend your time with. “Birds of a feather flock together.”

If this brought you some value or helped in any way, please comment and Share on Facebook. How have you improved your health or eating habits on the weekends? 



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