Should You Have A Cheat Day While Losing Weight?

Are you wondering if a cheat day is beneficial while you are trying to lose weight?

Here I will tell you how to use a cheat day to more effectively lose weight AND how it will help you.

What Is A Cheat Day And Why Does It Help You Lose Weight?

A cheat day is common among many main stream diets or companies promising weight-loss results. However there is one main distinction that must be made in making sure it is used effectively AND how it is to be properly managed into a healthy lifestyle and nutrition program.

In the next section I will tell you the main difference of how having cheat days lead you to failure OR success; and it’s very important. For now let me explain how cheat days can help you get better results and be beneficial to your weight loss goals.

IF used effectively and properly managed by a personal health coach, a cheat day can help you in a few different ways.

  1. If you are just starting on a new journey and have had very little success so far with losing weight and changing your habits for good, cheat days offer you a chance to take a break and not be burdened by so many new decisions that you are not used to. This is very useful because it helps you to keep persisting towards your goals because it helps your overall mindset by giving you time to relax.
  2.  Cheat days actually have some physical benefits as well IF not taken past a scheduled time. When your body becomes used to burning calories efficiently throughout the day with small healthy meals like we suggest as coaches, the cheat day provides the body a change in metabolic activity. This simple and quick switch-up can be all the body needs to increase activity and better produce the weight loss results you desire.

Important Difference In Our Teaching: Cheat Meal’s Are Good For You

The main distinction that we teach our clients is that the most beneficial way to promote good health and keep the body prime for burning calories is to have cheat meals, NOT a full cheat day.

Our opinion is that a cheat day is in general too long of a time for you to be off of your meal plan and can negatively affect the whole outlook on your journey. Some would disagree, but this is our philosophy.

We have found from experience in our own nutrition programs as well as many of our clients that long-term weight loss results come from implementing cheat meals on a weekly basis.

“Treat meals” is another name that we like to associate with them because what they provide to a proper meal plan. If following a sound, healthy nutrition program following all of the basics of nutrition, a treat meal should be a celebration of progress and to reinforce your belief in your ultimate goal.

To give yourself a gift for being disciplined and staying true to losing weight and changing your habits. The weekends are a great time to have these meals; friday and saturday nights spending time with family or friends celebrating your progress is necessary in our minds to reaching your goals.

Share on Facebook or comment if this provided you value. Do you agree or disagree with cheat days or cheat meals? Would love to hear differing opinions.


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