Weight Loss Tips: Why You Struggle With A Lack Of Motivation

Are you continuing to blame lack of motivation on your failure to lose weight? Learn the main reason you struggle with the problem and how you can correct it!

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Do You Struggle With A Lack Of Motivation To Lose Weight?


If you persistently struggle with this common issue, you’re not the only one. So many people come to us that swear lack of motivation is their main problem. Most of the time it is a problem for them, but it is an UNDERLYING problem. It is an effect of a deeper problem that needs to be solved.

“Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot.” – Jim Rohn

IF you seriously want to increase your weight loss motivation, you MUST first learn more about it and understand the causes of your problem. I will help you find out what these causes are and how to properly solve them so you can motivate yourself at will.

What Is The Cause Of Lack Of Motivation?

Lack of motivation comes from one underlying issue that is easy to spot but takes some effort to overcome. That cause is you are INTERESTED in losing weight, not COMMITTED.

The difference may sound small but in fact is the one main issue that keeps you from increasing your motivation to lose weight.

If you are only interested in losing weight, you will eat healthy and exercise ONLY when it is convenient for you. When challenges or changes in your schedule suddenly come up (which WILL happen) you will completely abandon the whole goal and forget about it and revert to your bad habits.

Commitment is the whole key in increasing your self-motivation. Notice I say self-motivation. That is because all the motivation you need comes from yourself!

Best Way To Lose Weight: Commitment To Your Goal

Committing to your goal takes a FIRM decision. Decision meaning “to cut off from”. Knowing yourself that whatever goal you have you must stick to it NO matter what.

We always tell our clients commit to WEIT. This stands for “What Ever It Takes.”

IF you really want to lose weight, get healthy and get into the best shape of your life this should be an easy decision. If you continue to be on the fence or have the “I’ll give it a shot” mentality, you won’t ever build up the necessary motivation to lose weight.

Like they say in poker you must be ALL IN.

IF you want practical ways to increase your motivation to lose weight, contact us and let us know what goal you have. Our passion is to help our clients reach their weight loss goals through providing meal plans, healthy recipes, grocery shopping lists, group chats, weight loss challenges and 24/7 online support! (Client Results)

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