How Does Cardio Positively Benefit Weight Loss?

Cardio exercise is an extremely effective way to boost your overall health by helping increase your heart rate which in turns strengthens your heart. This is an important aspect of fitness, but cardio also is extremely helpful with losing weight.

For the majority of people, the motivation to work out and begin a fitness routine is because of the benefits they foresee happening for their body externally, like a tighter waist line or a more toned body.

The beauty of cardio is not only will external results happen with some work put in, but there will be immediate results internally that can boost your weight loss results the instant you get moving!

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The main distinction of cardio exercise is it exclusively works your heart and circulatory system which is in constant movement to keep our bodies alive and systems functioning. This type of exercise simply makes the heart work harder, which in turn strengthens the circulatory system and provides the body many benefits.

How Does Cardio Benefit Weight Loss?

  1. As your heart becomes more and more strengthened by cardio, your resting heart rate will gradually decrease, making normal activities seem easier and your heart more efficient at pumping blood. This provides you with a more effective heart rate and metabolism.
  2. Cardio will require extra energy with increased activity, prompting your body to begin to burn fat as its primary source. The longer your heart rate stays in the desired target range, the more fat your body will burn. This combined with a proper nutrition program and reduced calories can help with quick and sustained weight loss.
  3. Possibly the greatest benefit of cardio exercise AND a strong proponent of losing weight is the reduced stress levels. Because the increased heart rate will prompt your brain to increase the level of endorphins (commonly known as a ‘runner’s high) it will boost your emotional mood and leave you feeling happier, more fulfilled and more focused.

Strength training and cardio both can be mutually beneficial for weight loss when blended together in a proper nutrition and fitness program. As health and wellness coaches, we provide personalized meal plans, healthy snacks and accountability towards the attainment of all of your health and fitness goals.

IF you want to reach your weight loss goals, send us an email ( for more information on our FREE wellness evaluation and how we can help YOU get into the best shape of your life!

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