What Do Weight Loss And A Heart Healthy Diet Have In Common?

Carrying excess weight has an array of negative consequences for your body, but none may be as important as its effect on your heart health.

Holding too much weight and body fat around your midsection particularly has been shown to increase your risk for heart disease, so this information becomes even more crucial.

Learn a few simple tips on how to improve your heart health while at the same time eating foods that will be conducive to weight loss.

Excess Body Fat Is Detrimental To A Healthy Heart

Let’s first start with this basic premise: the more weight and body fat you hold, the harder your heart will have to work. 

The more body fat you hold, the more blood vessels your body has to produce to supply oxygen and nutrients to these fat cells. What does this mean?

Well the more blood vessels your body has to produce oxygen and fuel for, the harder it has to continually work to supply the necessary amount. This takes an increasing amount of blood pressure for your heart to supply as well.

Not only does excess body weight make it tougher for the heart to work, it also provides more discomfort and unease when working out or exercising. This can cause serious problems as well because cardiovascular exercise remains one of the important ways to increase the hearts strength and blood flow.

The more difficult it is for you to work out or exercise, the more and more your heart will begin to deteriorate.

Improve Your Diet For Increased Heart Health And Quick Weight Loss Results


It’s safe to say implementing a healthy and balanced diet is essential for losing and managing your weight, which in turns promotes heart health. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep your saturated fat intake down by consuming low-fat proteins. This way you can keep your hunger levels at bay and unhealthy fats low. They also tend to be the protein choices with the lowest amount of calories. Protein sources from plants tend to be cholesterol-free and seafood will provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, essential to heart health.
  2. Always be implementing small amounts of healthy fats like cooking with a bit of olive oil, sprinkling nuts like cashews or almonds on a salad and adding avocados to eggs or stir-fry’s.
  3. Your most abundant source of carbohydrates should come from colorful fruits and vegetables and whole grains. They both are high in nutrients and low in calories making them the very best option to maintain your weight and improve heart health. Also high in fiber and water content they will help keep you full and properly aid your digestion and promoting a healthier blood sugar level which can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Weight Maintenance Leads To A Healthier Heart

This shows the direct relationship between maintaining a healthy weight and adequate heart health. Our heart is arguably the most important part of our physical body and the easier its job is, the healthier we are.

So the first step in improving heart health has to be losing weight, burning body fat and lowering cholesterol levels making it easier for your heart to supply your cells with needed oxygen and nutrients.

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