The Important Practice Of Healthy Living That The Experts Never Talk About

As passionate health coaches Kelli and I enjoy teaching about healthy habits and practices each and every day to our clients, team members and anyone who happens to find our website. Healthy living will always be the most important aspect of our lives and we wish to make a major impact in that regard to anyone who comes into contact with us, our services or our products.

We provide training and tips every single days on healthy living specifically regarding weight loss, weight maintenance, toning up or increasing energy levels.

Today we’re going to share an important practice that arguably is at the very basis of proper health and nutrition and is very likely the one healthy practice you may have never even heard of! (The experts never talk about this)

So with that introduction, continue reading below and learn how this simple daily practice will increase your overall physical vitality with very little effort.

What Is The Foundation Of Health?

Before we get into this simple exercise, I want to briefly mention what the foundation of health is and where it comes from. This will give you a much better understanding of how the body functions and why this habit is so essential.

The foundation of health is a healthy bloodstream which is the system that moves oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of your body.

We have mentioned cellular nutrition here before and why it is the basis of all of our activities and especially our products.

If you have a healthy circulation system, you’re going to live a healthy life!

Now the next question is, what is the way to control the bloodstream?

Breathing. It’s the way you fully oxygenate the body and boost the health of each and every cell in your body.

Why Is Breathing So Important To Health And Longevity?

Breathing, and specifically deep diaphragmatic breaths are the most effective way for the body to eliminate toxins. It can actually accelerate this process by as much as fifteen times!

So much talk is on cleansing the body: with food, juicing and many other ways. Not that these don’t help the body because they in fact do.

But by far the most effective way to cleanse the body is by practicing proper deep breathing, allowing the bodies cells to become fully oxygenated.

Why do you think practices like yoga focus so much on breathing and proper breathing techniques?

Oxygen is the very lifeblood of our cells. Without oxygen we cease to function. Proper breathing is how we feed our cells with the essential oxygen it needs to maintain healthy functions and energy levels.

Proper Breathing Exercises For Good Health & Longevity

The main problem considering the disarray and poor health lots of people experience begins with this very concept. Most people just don’t know how to breathe.

Why is it that the cancer rates are sky-high? Not 100% due to breathing, but it very likely has a HUGE effect.

When people aren’t breathing correctly, or take shallow breaths all day long from stress and other factors, the body is never removing toxins or feeding the cells the oxygen it needs to sustain a healthy body.

We must all learn how to breathe properly in order to cleanse our systems: here’s the proper breathing exercise you should begin immediately to implement daily..

Inhale one count, hold four counts, exhale two counts. If you inhaled four seconds, you would hold for sixteen and exhale for eight. Why exhale twice as long as you inhale? That’s when you eliminate toxins via your lymphatic system. Why hold four times as long? That’s how you can fully oxygenate the blood and activate your lymphatic system.

When you breathe, you should start from deep in your abdomen, like a vacuum cleaner that’s getting rid of all the toxins in the blood system.

Just remember that the quality of your health is really the quality of the life of your cells. Thus, fully oxygenating your system would seem to be a number one priority, and breathing effectively is certainly the place to start.

This proper breathing exercise should help you immediately if you begin to practice. It has helped us tremendously.

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