Leg Day Workout For Women

This has to be one of the best leg workouts for women because the exercises focus solely on the lower body and combine strength gaining with toning simultaneously.

If you are a woman looking for the right exercise for you to tone your thighs, quads and butt, these exercises are for you!

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Leg Day Exercises For Women (In Order)

Watch video above to understand proper form.

Squats – 4 Sets By 10 Reps

Leg Extensions – 3 Sets By 12 Reps

Hip Thrust (Bench Support) – 3 Sets By 15 Reps

  • Weighted is optional

Leg Curls – 3 Sets By 12 Reps

Romanian Deadlift – 4 Sets By 10 Reps

Cable Hip Thrust – 3 Sets By 12 Reps

(Finishing dance is optional LOL)

Benefits of Lower Body Weight Lifting

As some women are afraid of looking to bulky or muscular in the upper body, about the same amount desire to tone up and strengthen their lower bodies.

This is why lifting weights targeting the lower body with exercises like squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts can help tremendously tone the hips, thighs, glutes and hamstrings.

Any woman who wants to tone up her legs needs to take these lower body exercises seriously and complete this leg day workout out MINIMUM 2 days a week.

2 days a week along with cardio and upper body workouts is a great plan to get fit and prepare that summer body!

If this gave you value please comment or share on Facebook. Tag any friends or family members who could benefit from this workout!


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