The One Person You Should Blame For Being Overweight Or Unhealthy

Have you ever been frustrated with being overweight or unhealthy? Has this frustration caused you to look for reasons or circumstances to blame for this unfortunate reality?

I want you to learn that there is only one person you have the right to blame for not enjoying proper health and why understanding this can help you to make the necessary changes to get into the best shape of your life!

Who’s To Blame?

Most of the world has been falsely educated in the important concept of responsibility. From an early age I believe most of us aren’t taught how to become mature adults because we don’t get the proper advice about who or what has control of our lives.

To put this simply, most of us are led to believe that outside forces, circumstances and people are the ones who have control of our lives. We have come to the erroneous belief that our parents, friends, teachers and bosses are the ones who make our lives the way we are.

Have you ever played the blame game in your life? If your answer to this question is NO, you are lying to yourself because at some point (yes I have too) we all have.

What I’m about to tell you may disagree with at first and it may hurt, but if you adopt this belief your life can change for the positive in all areas.IMG_1965.JPG

YOU are the only person who has control of everything that happens in your life. From your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual lives, YOU are the one who has ultimate control over all these areas.

Why is that true?

It’s because we, as individuals, are the only people who make the choices about how we respond to circumstances, people and situations in our life.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. – Viktor Frankl

Why You Are The Only Person To Blame For Being Overweight And Unhealthy

Now let’s dive deeper into this concept and see how it relates to your physical lives. Your health, your fitness level and the current body weight you find yourself at.

No matter what unfortunate events or devastating circumstances have happened in your life, YOU have chosen how to respond to those situations. Whether you lost your job, lost a loved one or had an injury, you chose to how react to that situation.

That’s really the only reason you may currently be overweight or unhealthy. You have chosen to adopt an unhealthy diet or bad habits of eating that have resulted in poor physical health.

Your daily routine and habits around food, fitness and health are all intimately connected with what you choose to eat and if you choose to exercise (or not exercise).

This realization may be hard to accept as it is for most people, but if you can be honest with yourself and believe what I am saying here, you can choose to lose the weight you desire to or get into the physical shape you have always dreamed of!

Taking responsibility for your health results and coming to terms with yourself that YOU and only YOU have created this reality is the first step into the realization of living the life of health and longevity you have always wanted!

How To Use This Realization To Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Take Back Control of Your Body

If you know have agreed with this concept and realized what I am saying is absolute truth, you can know begin simple and easy steps to take back control of your health. What are they few steps you should take to get this process started?

  1. Seek and find a coach that can help you change your habits, provide you with a meal plan along with accountability and daily support in reaching your goals. Our passion here at zerolimitscouple is to help all of our clients with the support they need to reach their desired health. Whether it be weight loss, gaining energy or just feeling healthier, we provide the accountability and support you need as health and wellness coaches.
  2. Simply change your eating habits. Start drinking the right amount of water, find a healthy weekly meal plan you can use to start your journey. Stop eating so much fast food and eat more fruits and vegetables and cook more meals at home that contain more nutrition.
  3. Find a friend or family member who will accompany you in this new journey together. It is always easier to reach your goals with someone else that is working side by side with you. It’s fun having an accountability partner to keep each other accountable towards your goals and give you motivation when times are tough!

Most of all, realize again that you are the person to blame for you current results in life but the great realization is you are also the one who can make a change and decide to achieve everything you want!

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5 thoughts on “The One Person You Should Blame For Being Overweight Or Unhealthy

  1. Very true. It’s easier for people to blame others; it allows them to deny responsibility for their life and their choices. Looking at yourself and really getting that YOU are the one in control does wonders!


    1. Yes agreed 100%! I think it’s crucial for all of us to take responsibility and realize we are the only ones in control of our destiny!


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