This Is The Main Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Are you working hard on your diet plan and struggling to lose any weight? Even maybe you continue to gain weight?

Do you work out every day yet still see no positive results?

This seems to be an extremely common topic between our clients when they first start using our meal plans and use our products.

There’s a reason this is a consistent pattern for lots of people and we always explain this in detail to our clients to help get them maximum results.

I want to share this secret with you here now too so you can understand better why you struggle to lose weight no matter what program or weight loss diet you go on. 

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Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to maintain your weight for a while and can’t seem to make any progress. No matter what diet you start or fitness plan you complete, they just never seem to work.

There is one important concept that is crucial to reaching your desired weight and it’s got a bit more to do than with just sweating in the gym. It has everything to do with yourself, your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

This main reason why you can’t lose weight is that you don’t believe that you can lose weight; your confidence level and self-esteem is too low for you to achieve your wellness goals.

So obviously this needs more explanation and description on what this principle is and how it is negatively affecting your health. Let’s dive deeper into the subject and learn just how self-esteem and self-worth has enormous implications in this area.

Low Self-Esteem and Weight Loss: What Is Your Self-Worth?

Have you ever heard that improving your self-esteem is important? That many results in your life are directly related to how much confidence you have in yourself and all of your abilities?

Well if you haven’t (you probably have) I want to explain this in-depth so you can understand how this is the main reason you have trouble losing weight and continue to stay at the same level of health.

I’m here to tell you that improving your self-confidence will greatly accelerate your results in the gym and with your diet.

IF you want to get quick weight loss results and reach your health goals, then you MUST heighten your self-worth which means growing confidence in yourself and believing you are worth the body of your dreams.

Boosting your self-esteem is without a doubt the most important thing you can do to help you lose weight, feel great and become the healthiest version of yourself. You can try every single diet on the market and workout each day until your body can’t move and still get NO results. How?

Your confidence in yourself is too low which will just keep giving you the same results over and over. A new weight loss diet or home workout regimen isn’t the answer to your problem. Your own belief about who you are and what you are capable of is the answer.

Not sure if this is the problem you are struggling with? Below are some glaring signs of low-self esteem:

  • Always comparing your results and bodies to other people
  • Wishing you looked like someone else (friends, models, TV personalities)
  • Negative self-talk
  • Afraid to be in the gym
  • Worrying about what others think about your looks or personality
  • Eating for comfort and using food as a stress-reliever

Improving Your Self-Esteem Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Let me be clear here: I am NOT saying that certain diets and fitness regimens are of no help. They are actually VERY important in losing weight and living a healthy and active lifestyle. We recommend meal plans and workouts to our clients to reach their results.

But what I AM saying is that no diet or fitness plan actually makes any difference UNLESS you improve your self-worth and believe you are worth these positive results. You must develop a confidence in yourself that provides you motivation from within yourself to live the healthiest lifestyle you are capable.

We believe truly that improving your self-esteem is the absolute fastest way to lose weight. When you learn to believe in your abilities truly anything becomes possible.

We teach our clients practical ways to build their self-confidence along with a healthy nutrition plan and specific workouts. All of these combines along with our support and accountability we help them SMASH through their weight-loss goals!

Our passion is helping others get healthy, and as weight-loss coaches nothing makes us happier than leading someone to reach their perfect weight and feel amazing about themselves and their physical bodies!

I hope this provides a lot of value to you and leads you to take a slightly different approach towards your health goals! Please comment and share with someone who could benefit from this information.

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