Back And Biceps Workout For Women

This simple workout can be used by women who are wanting to gain strength, tone up or even looking to lose weight. Back and biceps are a common muscle group to target for toning and strength training and this workout will help tremendously for that.

The video below will highlight all of the different exercises in unison and give a better perspective of how women can perform this back and biceps workout.

Back And Biceps Workout For Women

*Each exercise is to be completed for 3 Sets & 10 Reps – Listed In Order From Video Above*

Seated Row – Sit flat on machine, back slightly arched with chest out. Keep elbows close to body and pull back full extension.

Seated Lat Pulldown – Sit flat on machine. Grip handles with a wide grip and pull down to chin.

One Arm Dumbell Row– Put left knee on a flat bench, bend over and keep the back straight. Start with the right arm fully extended towards the floor and pull up slowly until elbow comes to 90 degree angle. Repeat for opposite side.

Standing Row or T-Bar Row – Stand in front of cable machine and with knees slightly bent and chest out, pull handle or lever towards your chest slowly until full extension.

Standing Dumbell Bicep Curl – Stand with dumbell in each hand and alternate curl in each arm.

Standing Dumbell Hammer Curl – Stand with dumbell in each hand and alternate curl in each arm.

Standing Barbell Curl – Stand with a barbell and with hands placed shoulder width apart on the bar, curl up slowly until fists almost reach shoulders.

To help you better fit this specific workout into your complete health and fitness plan you should follow a few simple rules. They will give you the best possible results and help you lose more weight, tone up more effectively or possibly gain more strength.

The easiest way to use this workout would be to combine it with a leg workout (No Squat Booty Workout) as well as another weight lifting workout. If you use 3 different weight lifting exercises combined with 1 or 2 cardio exercises (Cardio Circuit Exercises) you could develop a great weekly plan to lose weight or burn fat and tone up.

For nutrition and a healthy diet you could follow our Healthy Weekly Meal Plan to feed your body the right way and boost your results.

How To Use This Workout for Weight Loss or Toning Up

You can use this back and biceps workout for weight loss or toning up using a simple method. That method is to complete each exercise with LOW weight and HIGH repetitions. This will promote toning and help tremendously for weight loss.

Example: Complete each exercise for 12-15 reps at low weight.

How To Use This Workout For Gaining Strength

To gain strength using this back and biceps workout all you need to do is complete each exercise using HEAVY weight and LOW repetitions. This will promote strength gain for your body.

Example: Complete each exercise 4-6 reps with heavy weight.

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