Meal Prepping: Weight Loss

This week I want to share tips and insights exclusively geared to meal prepping. This will include meal planning for weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance.

The value and benefits of meal prepping for weight loss are easy to explain but it isn’t common information. You must take these steps and apply these principles if you really want to get effective and lasting results from meal planning for weight loss.

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(Sample Meal Plan: Healthy Weekly Meal Plan)

Best Diet Plans Weight Loss

Are you wondering what the best diet plans weight loss are? Well I think I have an answer for you that you may have not been expecting.

*There are NO best diet plans weight loss!*

It’s a trick question because in all honestly no specific ‘diet’ is going to be the ultimate answer for your weight loss struggles. The real answer to long-term weight loss is to find a program that you can consistently follow until it becomes a fixed habit and leads to adopting a whole new lifestyle.

A lifestyle that involves eating the right nutritious foods day in and day out. Diets only make you change unwillingly which no one likes to do. Even the word diet presupposes that it is only temporary. Temporary healthy eating will not work!

You need to begin adopting some basic yet powerful principles that will help you lose weigh the immediate but also help you begin to adopt a completely new healthy lifestyle!

Principles To Weight Lossvy0hyq8ivca-avery-d-alessandro.jpg

These are tried and true principles to weight loss that can help you become a more healthy, disciplined eater and overall more confident in your abilities to make the right choices when it comes to food and living a healthy and centered lifestyle.

1: Set Goals and Track Your Progress

I wrote on setting goals for weight loss here. The first goal to set would be your desired weight. Once you come up with and decide the exact weight you want to be then all the obstacles seem to become smaller because your focus will intensify and mind will become clear. After this keep track of all your daily activities: track how many steps you take, how many calories you eat, the amount of protein you consume and so on.

2: Change Your Mindset To Confidence And Belief

Successfully losing weight and keeping it off long-term aren’t some magical fairy tale land that no one achieves. Check out our clients results. Most of them told us that in order for them to lose their excess weight and keep it off they had to shift their belief towards why they were going to achieve their goals; not why they couldn’t. It’s the new mindset of giving up all past excuses of genetics and low self-esteem and telling yourself you can and will do this! ( Our coaching can help)

3: Get Your Body Moving

Although weight loss can be absolutely achieved without vigorous fitness regimens or workout plans (80% Nutrition 20% Fitness) getting exercise is still very important. Burning calories and increasing your heart rate can help take your weight loss goals to a whole new level along with a nutritious and healthy, protein-rich meal plan.

4: Portion Control Is A Must

Overeating is such a common problem a good amount of people struggle with on a daily basis (Tips To Stop Overeating). Learning to control the size of portions you eat can make huge improvement in overall weight loss and increased energy levels. Adopting healthy meal replacement shakes is another great way to combat overeating.

5: Decide On A Healthy Meal Plan And Stick To It

I’m going to go into more specifically meal prepping for weight loss in the next section so I’ll be a bit brief. However this is my point on why meal planning is so important for weight loss. It allows you to focus on a simple and healthy nutrition program that focuses on lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Along with meal replacement shakes and recommended nutritious recipes, filling snacks and workout routines, this is the best overall way to adopt a new lifestyle of healthy living.

Bonus: Learn to control your environment and the people you spend your time with. Maybe even change the places that you spend most of your time. If you find yourself in bars or restaurants late night, that may not be conducive to your health. Look to surround yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle and join their healthy challenges, accountability chats and weight loss challenges.

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effnkmidmgc-jonathan-pielmayer.jpgMeal Prepping: Weight Loss

To effectively lose weight and maintain weight it takes eating healthy consistently and adopting a whole new healthy lifestyle. What’s the easiest way to adopt that new healthy lifestyle?

Meal prepping!

So why is meal prepping important, and how can meal prepping for weight loss help?

  1. Meal prepping requires you to space out your meals which makes it easier each day to get up and know what you’re eating as well as when you’re eating it. Planning of meals itself makes the process of weight loss so much easier because there are no fearful thoughts of missing a meal or overeating. Also with meal planning comes tracking calories and nutrients which helps you gauge your results better and forces you to stick to your plan IF you want to reach your ultimate goal.
  2. Another positive of prepping meals ahead of time is it allows you to write out your grocery list ahead of time also. This will help make sure that everything you need for all of your meals is gotten at the grocery store and ready to start preparing as soon as cooking time begins.
  3. An essential tip to meal prepping for weight loss is to cook more ingredients so that you will have leftovers for some of your other meals. For instance, if you cook a dinner one night with chicken, you can cook more of it than you need for dinner and the next day you can use that same cooked chicken to make a healthy salad for lunch. There are many other combinations similar to that you can use, but this just gives you the power of this main principle of weight loss.
  4. When you want to lose weight, as I have said before, it is absolutely essential that you focus on your desired weight as much as possible. This way you can keep focused on what you want and away from any other distractions. Well meal prepping helps a ton in this specific area because when you set up a healthy weekly meal plan you already know every decision you are making throughout the week. This way through a busy and hectic day you won’t go grab for the quick coffee and muffin because each meal is already planned out. Instead you grabbed the healthy and quick version, a delicious and healthy Formula 1 Healthy Meal Replacement Shake.

This should provide  lots of value to anyone looking to lose weight and is stuck or confused about the process and benefits of meal prepping. It’s simpler than it sounds but does take some disciplined work and a firm commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.

I would appreciate if you would share this helpful information to someone you know struggling to lose weight and wanting personalized coaching that can help them reach the goals they have for themselves!

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