Cardio Circuit Exercises

Today we would like to share a quick cardio workout that can effectively burn fat and make you sweat!

Best part about this cardio circuit is it does not take very long to complete, can be customized a to any certain fitness level and can be done at home or outside. It’s a great way to get yourself moving and your heart pumping!


Have specific health or fitness goals you can’t seem to attain? Let us know what you are trying to achieve and we will provide accountability and support to help you get in the best shape of your life!

Cardio Circuit Exercises

Exercise #1- Jumping Jacks

Reps: 30

Are jumping jacks cardio? Do them for 5 minutes straight then tell me if they are cardio or not. Heck, i’ve seen a jumping jacks workout before. One of the best ways to warm up and get a sweat going.

Exercise #2- High Knees

Reps: 30 

Pretty self-explanatory. Simply put your arms straight out and lift each knee as high as you can alternatively.

Exercise #3- Jump-Squats

Reps: 20

Jump squats are great for cardio and for building strength in the lower body. Make sure squat as low as you can and jump up with a burst. By this exercise in the cardio circuit your heart rate should be moderately fast.

Exercise #4- Speed Skaters

Reps: 10 Each Leg

These are a fun cardio exercise that require a bit of footwork and lower body work as well. Watch Kelli in the video above for proper form on speed skaters.

Exercise #5- Defensive Slide / Shuffle

Reps: 10 Total- 5 to the right, 5 to the left

Even more lower body work, this is just like a defensive stance in basketball. Squat as low as possible, head forward and slide side to side. Make sure to keep back straight and squat low through the whole movement.

Exercise #6- Step-Ups

Reps: 30 

You can use almost anything for this. Bench, table, chair, couch etc. The point is to barely contact with the object. The point of the step up is to raise your foot the same height as the object.

Rest 2-3 Minutes after completing cardio circuit exercises, and repeat as many times as possible based upon fitness or cardiovascular level.

To customize this cardio circuit all you have to do is simply increase the amount of repetitions of each exercise or increase to overall time of the circuit.

In the video above you see only one full completion of all the cardio exercises, but the more advanced you are on your fitness journey all you need to do is simply complete the full circuit as many times as you can!

We would recommend having a device to be able to track your heart rate during the cardio circuit as it is always helpful to be able to track and manage your heart rate. Being able to know what your heart rate is throughout the exercise will help you more effectively track your progress and keep yourself in the fat burning zone.

Please share with others looking for quick and effective cardio circuit workouts and comment if you used this to burn fat or get in a great workout!

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