No Squat Booty Workout

This No Squat Booty Workout is short, but it’s a super effective way to tone your legs (and booty) all while in the comfort of your own home. Just a few simple exercises make this an incredible at home workout for women and a great fitness routine to burn calories and have some fun!

Women can use this workout routine to tone and lean up without the hassle of going to the gym or getting any expensive workout equipment. This is an at home fitness routine you will love! 

No Squat Booty Workout

There are Two different ways you can complete this booty workout:

#1 – Complete each seperate move (Windshield Wipers, Wall Climbers etc.) until failure, and then repeat the complete workout until failure!

(Kelli usually chooses this first option and completes 2 full sets of the whole workout!)

#2- Complete each move with 10-15 reps each, and again repeat that until failure.

The most important concept for this No Squat Booty Workout is to complete each move OR the whole workout until failure! This way it will increase your results and should leave your lower body burning!

This again is an incredible home workout for women who would rather not go to the gym and are looking for a quick and simple fitness routine to begin using. Even if you committed to this booty workout 3-4 times a week for one month I guarantee you will see some amazing results!

Please share if you love this workout or if it helped you get quick results! We have many more effective home fitness routines we share with our clients.

Learn more about our programs, or Contact Us to see if we are able to offer you our wellness coaching services! 

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