How To Start Juicing For Weight Loss

If you have been curious about the benefits of juicing, specifically for weight loss, i’ll go over a few important insights into how juicing can help you lose weight, while also sharing the slight change Kelli and I make to really reap the full and positive aspects of juicing.

The Blender Kelli and I use to make juice and healthy smoothies –> Ninja Professional Blender

What Are the Benefits of Juicing for Weight Loss?

First let’s go over some of the benefits of juicing and how they can help assist you to lose weight.

  1. Water and hydration are very important in weight loss which I have mentioned before. One of the positive benefits is that juicing fresh fruits and vegetables supplies your body with a solid amount of water because they both are very high in water-content (fruit often being 90-95% water).
  2. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to cleanse your body of unwanted waste and other unnecessary compounds which in turn helps with weight loss tremendously.
  3. Juicing is an extremely easy way to add fruits and vegetables into your diet which are the staple of a healthy program and crucial food groups for weight loss. Even if you add one fresh juice per day to your program, you could essentially add 1 serving of fruit and vegetables to your day which will provide you with the essential nutrients you need.

“Fruit is the most perfect food. It takes the least amount of energy to digest and gives your body the most in return.” – Tony Robbins from Unlimited Power

The One Downfall of Juicing For Weight Loss

The one unfortunate thing about juicing for weight loss is that using a pure juicer (like this Breville juicer) is that it extracts all the fiber from the fruits. Fiber is an essential nutrient for weight loss as it helps regulate the digestive system which is crucial for losing weight.

The way Kelli and I get all the positive aspects of juicing as well as all of the fiber from our fruits and vegetables is using a blender like the Nutri-Ninja, or in the past we used the NutriBullet which is a great machine to pulverize all fruits, vegetables and superfoods into healthy and delicious smoothies that aid in boosting nutrition intake and helping you lose weight more effectively!

So instead of using a pure juicer we choose to use a high quality blender like the ones listed above that makes it easy to mix all of our favorite juice combinations and receive all of the benefits of juicing plus the fiber. We absolutely love making healthy smoothies!

These insights into juicing should give you a good enough opinion on whether you want to use juicing to lose weight or add it into your program in general. We recommend our clients to juice in their meal plans because of the amazing benefits it offers!

Please share with others if this provided value. Contact us for specific juicing recipes and our favorite juices we use to support our health and wellness goals! 

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  1. prateekranjan14 January 9, 2018 — 4:59 pm

    Great start !! Best of luck for your blog and thanks for following.


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