Easy Tips To Stop Overeating

A common question among our clients is, ‘How can I stop overeating?’  There are many different reasons to suggest why overeating can be such an obstacle in sticking to your weight loss goals, but I want to focus on how to effectively stop this annoying habit.

These easy tips will lead to less overeating and help you feel more satiated after a meal instead of bloated or full.

If you would like extra tips on how to stop overeating AND a free wellness evaluation, send us an email below so we can build you a simple plan to help you reach your weight loss, fitness or health goals! 

Easy Tips To Stop Overeating

  1. Drinking more water

    • This comes up time and time again. I’ve talked about the importance of drinking water a few times before.
    • In order to stop overeating, water again is an important factor. A good majority of times, the feeling of thirst and hunger are indistinguishable. What does that mean? It means there are many times you think you may be hungry, but are actually de-hydrated and just need to drink water to get rid of the feeling.
    • “We eat food even when the body should receive water. In these people who lost weight, by drinking water before eating food, they managed to seperate the two sensations. They did not overeat to satisfy an urge for the intake of water.”
    • From the book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
  2. Eating slower, Being aware of What You’re Eating

    • I have to admit for a long time I had trouble with eating way to fast and not being aware of what I was eating or how it even tasted. This is a major problem with some people and can be a major reason of overeating and gaining weight.
    • Just as I did you can being to stop overeating by eating much slower and taking time in between bites. I actually like to take a deep breath in between each bite to give me a sense of awareness of what i’m doing.
    • Overeating can be such an habitual activity that at times is almost unnoticeable to the person who is doing it. Take back control and consciously be aware of what you are eating, the speed you are doing it and the taste of your food.
  3. Eat More Small Meals Throughout The Day

    1. This is the basis of our nutrition philosophy and how our clients excel in losing weight, gaining muscle or weight management.
    2. Eating smaller meals that contain lean proteins, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates along with healthy snacks allows your bodies metabolism to speed up which will in turn burn more calories.
    3. This will in effect stop overeating because you won’t be relying on one huge meal for dinner at the end of the night because you have sufficiently provided your body with nutrients and energy throughout the day.

Hope these tips will make a difference for you and help you learn how not to overeat and the amazing benefits that will do for your health and wellness goals.

If this provided value to you please share this with someone who these tips would help!

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