This Is Why You Aren’t At Your Desired Body Weight

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to reach your desired weight for some time and haven’t made any progress. Maybe you have lost a few pounds here and there but never been able to continue any farther.

There’s a simple reason why you aren’t at your desired body weight and it’s got nothing to do with what you’re eating or how often you’re working out.

This is a very important concept and missed by most people. It’s the the main concept we preach to our clients when starting a nutrition/weight loss plan.

In our upcoming Lean and Fit Challenge we will go over this concept in-depth with all of our members. It includes meal plans, simple healthy recipes and group chats for accountability and support.

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Reach Your Desired Body Weight

What’s the important concept i’m referring to that is essential for your health goals?

Writing them down.

Yeah, seriously. That’s it. Hear me out..

SO many people get started the wrong way. They feel out of shape, overweight etc. The first idea that pops in their head is, “I need/want to lose weight.”

Ok, great. It helps to know that. But if that’s all that is defined before finding a meal plan, fitness regimen or coach, it’s not going to last. I can almost guarantee it.

Writing out your desired body weight is the one crucial step most people miss that leads to a complete downfall.

If you don’t define what your actual desired body weight is, how do you expect to reach it?


Example of Writing Down Your Desired Body Weight

This example should help. I’ll give my own personal health goal and how I went about figuring it out and then writing it down.

Here’s my personal goal/desired body weight: 190 lbs at 10% body fat.

Now my goal is to gain weight and muscle at this point. When I first started I wanted to just tone up and lose body fat.

Kelli’s goal was to lose weight and she ended up losing 20 lbs because she was definite about her weight.


Notice how precise I was on my personal goal. I know exactly what weight I want to be at and also the exact body fat percentage. Once I figured that out I wrote it down on a notepad that’s on my desk and am able to review it every single day!

Clarity Is Power

Being pin-point clear is the real power of this exercise. When you write down what specifically your desired weight is, and for added bonus your body fat, you give yourself clear and precise numbers to shoot for.

This is essential in reaching your health goals and I would recommend it before you start any new plan.

Get a jump-start on your weight loss goals and join our Lean and Fit Challenge. Personal coaching, group accountability and simple healthy recipes.

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