Workout Routines For Women At The Park

In this post we will share simple workout routines for women at the park which can be an easy and fun place to keep in shape without the gym.

No special equipment is required and it only takes 20 mins to burn some calories and break a sweat! This is a great routine for women who are wanting to workout and build some strength but don’t feel comfortable lifting weights or working out in the gym.

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Park Workout Routine For Women

In the video below, Kelli performs a few simple and fun body weight exercises that promote fat burning and toning which is most women’s overall goal for a workout routine.

All you need for this workout is to find a public park close to your home that has a bench, 20 mins of your time and you’re set!

Workout Routine

10 Reps x 3 Sets for Each Seperate Body Weight Exercise

  • Body Weight Squats
  • Scissor Jumps (with bench)
  • Step Ups & Alternating Leg Kick (with bench)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Push-Ups (with bench)
  • Optional Dance LOL

With simple workout routines like these and commitment to a healthy nutrition plan, Kelli was able to lose 20 lbs and now feels amazing!

Check out her results!

If you want results like Kelli, more workout routines for women like these and help getting into the best shape of your life, contact us  and let us know how we can assist you and be your health coach!

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