Why Diets Don’t Work Long Term

If you have tried multiple diets in the past and never succeeded, this is for you.

If you falsely believe that diets are the key to weight loss and overall health, this is for you.

Finally, if you are continually frustrated that you can’t seem to lose that extra 10-20 lbs because diets never work, this is also for you.

I believe a constant problem in our ‘microwave society’ is the belief that an easy, quick-fix diet is the ultimate answer to our health concerns. That a 30 day program or cleanse will solve all of our problems and lead us to the road of pristine health and rocket ship energy.

While cleanses can be a great start and programs are beneficial, there is one underlying secret between people who make a program work for them and the people who get quick weight-loss results and then gain it back within a couple of weeks.

I want to share with you the main reason why diets don’t work long term and how to get on the fast track to a healthy program that can be sustainable and provide you with healthy habits for life!

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Let’s first define the word, ‘Diet’ and see how in modern times we have shifted the meaning to more of a quick-fix word instead of an overall look at your choice of foods.

Diet is defined as, “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition and its effects on health.”

This definition describes the best way to look at the word diet: an overall look at what foods you choose to consume and the effect it has on your physical health.

What’s the modern view of a diet and how has it negatively affected your results and/or health?

In our estimation, the most common use and view of a diet is extremely harmful and detrimental to health and will never help you reach and maintain your long term health goals.

The modern view i’m referring to is the perspective that a diet is a quick-fix option that takes minimal effort and is the easy road. It’s the view that a short cut is the only possible way to achieving your goal.

It makes people falsely believe that it’s never their fault for not reaching their goals but it’s because of the particular diet.

Some common excuses include:

“That diet just has too many restrictions”, or “None of these diets work for me, what’s an easier way?”

The main reason why diets don’t work long term is because the very essence of a modern diet is temporary, and unfortunately, diets breed the wrong perspective: that it’s never your fault when you don’t reach your goals.

This is one of the most important statements you may ever read, even though it might shock you at first..

You have to learn to take 100% responsibility for all the results in your life and take control of your habits.

Before Kelli and I started on our healthy nutrition programs we were always looking for the next fad diet and easy road to getting healthy. We never put the blame on ourselves, but always on something external for our previous failures, and most of the time it was a diet that took the blame.

When we finally realized the most important part of reaching health goals, began to  focus on the basics of health and nutrition and committed to a daily, long term program, we finally began to see major results and grasped the true nature of any success.

For results to last, ranging from weight-loss to muscle toning or gaining, a daily improvement of eating habits and fitness related activities is essential.

Realize that for you to achieve your weight loss goals it’s going to take a concerted effort to learn the simple principles of a healthy life, to improve incrementally every single day and commit to a lifelong practice of choosing healthy foods.

So what’s the easiest way to begin a long term plan devoted to living a healthy lifestyle?


Get a coach. Kelli and I never would have achieved our goals or continued to maintain results without our coach.

Having someone devoted to helping you achieve the results you want is essential. Does it seem tough for you to plan weekly meals, how to choose healthy options and what supplements are the right choice? Are you overwhelmed with how to eat properly?

That’s where as coaches Kelli and I devote our time and energy to helping YOU achieve your goals. The question is: What are your goals?


Learn and practice simple health and nutrition habits like realizing the importance of breakfast.

Breakfast is such a vital part to a healthy program. Starting the day off with a healthy meal will give you the boost of energy and feeling of fullness all day so you can perform at your best. Here are some healthy breakfast shake recipes to consider adding to your daily regimen.


Find a friend or family member who also is looking to get healthy, achieve their results and ask them if they would like to join you on your journey.

Having an accountability partner is such a positive addition to beginning new habits. Kelli and I kept each other accountable and pushed each other to make healthy and smart decisions.


Do you agree or disagree? Do you think diets can work long term? What programs or new habits have worked well for you?


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