These Foods Are Marketed As Healthy – But They Aren’t!

Healthy food and snack choices can be a major hassle most of the time – from wondering how much sugar should this snack has or if there’s too much sodium, choosing healthy foods and snacks can be tough.

With the amount of deceptive and misleading marketing and ad material out there every minute of the day on T.V., radio and the internet, there’s seems to always be a brand new “Healthy Snack” that is sweeping the nation.

I want to make it a bit easier for you when reaching for a snack or wondering if you’re next meal is actually healthy, or if it’s extremely unhealthy. I’ll share with you a few foods that are marketed as healthy, but they actually aren’t.

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Diet Soda

diet soda.jpg

This is the first mention for a reason. Diet soda may be one of the largest scam food/beverages in history. Diet soda is one of the absolute worst drinks you can have. The amount of artificial sweeteners is astronomically high. It causes your blood sugars levels to spike resulting in your body storing fat, not burning fat. The negative side-effects from drinking regular soda and diet soda are both high. Drink water!

Packaged Meat (Lunch Turkey, Salami, Bologna etc)

Largely viewed as a healthy option to fast food sandwiches, packaged turkey and others is actually the opposite. The biggest negative aspect of packaged meats are their high amounts of sodiums and preservatives like nitrate that are dangerous to the human body and detrimental to cellular function.

Athletic Performance Drinks


Have you ever been exercising or playing a sport and grabbed a Gatorade or Powerade for fuel? You might has well of gone with a cup of Kool-Aid. Athletic Performance Drinks are basically water mixed with sugar. The main marketing ploy is the high amounts of electrolytes when in reality electrolytes can be easily restored with natural foods like bananas or many other fruits.

Skim or Low-Fat Milk

skim milk.jpg

Another type of “Diet Drink” when in reality they are just stripped away of all the essential nutrients. The natural protein and calcium is lost with the processing of skim milk. I choose to drink Almond Milk: much healthier option.

Flavored Yogurts

The whole idea and thought of yogurt seems healthy, however flavored yogurts are much higher in sugar than you would expect, some being upwards of 16-18g per 6 oz serving. Opt for plain greek yogurt. Or if it is a favorite breakfast food of yours, try some healthy breakfast shake recipes to start your day off with the protein, vitamins and minerals of a nutritious meal.

Veggie Chips

When you’re headed down the chip aisle, don’t be fooled by the ‘veggie chips’. Most are made out of enriched flour and the only veggie actually present is a hint of coloring from vegetable powders. My favorite chip are homemade sweet potato chips, extremely delicious and healthy.

Rice Cakes

Although they aren’t the worst possible choice for a snack, rice cakes have no real benefits as a snack. Yes, they are low in fat and calories, but that can be misleading. They offer almost no nutrients and are extremely low in protein and fiber.

Frozen Meals

Last but not least are frozen meals. These are possibly the worst of the list of foods that are marketed as healthy but in fact are not at all. These meals are highly processed, and offer almost no nutritional value and are loaded with preservatives. Marketed as low-calorie, these small meals provide you with no health benefits at all.

While there are many more of these so called “Health Foods”, these are a few that are common and widely thought of as a great snack or meal. Eating healthy can be a challenge in general, so it’s helpful to know what foods to avoid when wanting to make the right food choices.


Kelli and I are thankful for our simple nutrition programs and the meal plan we are able to stick to on a consistent basis and the convenience it offers us. Eating healthy has become so easy and rewarding for us because of our healthy meal-replacement shakes.

We used to view eating healthy and sticking to a healthy regimen of meals and snacks as time-consuming, too difficult and near impossible with our busy schedules. But after our initial results we saw how easy living a healthy life can really be!

How do you feel about all these foods? Are there other important foods that are marketed as healthy but really aren’t?

Comment below with some foods you think are important to list and maybe even some foods that are a healthy alternative!

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