Start A Part-Time Business ASAP (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Very excited about today’s topic: Starting a Part Time Business ASAP. Are you tired of your job, career or work? Or are you just looking for a new challenge? Do you dream of owning your own business? If taking control of your income, your life and destiny is something that interests you, you must read on.

I think we could all agree on one thing; the 21st Century and advent of the internet has completely changed the fabric of society and along with that has come a complete transformation in the economy and how businesses are run and how money is circulated.

(Watch this Ted Talk By Robert Kiyosaki, it gives valuable insights and explains the global shift phenomenally.)

In today’s society, the fortune truly favors the bold, as the old saying goes. Invigorating and sometimes even crazy ideas are producing millions of dollars of revenue while old giant corporations tumble in the wake of the advent of the global economy.

Companies Taking Advantage of the New Economy

As employee wages continue to fall, benefits packages and incentives become irrelevant or unknown and underemployment of college graduates becomes more prevalent, the “old way” our parents taught us to work just isn’t cutting it anymore. (One quick thought: if you’re someone asking ‘can you prove these statements’? I would say absolutely yes, but the purpose of this article is not to recite facts)

The old adage of “Go to school, get good grades, get a good paying job and save for retirement” is out-dated and opposite of the advice you want to follow in the world today.

“People clinging to job security, savings, retirement plans, and other relics will be the ones financially-ravaged from 2010-2020, the most volatile world-changing decade in history.” – Robert Kiyosaki

I could go on and on about the drastic change in the marketplace this last decade or so but that isn’t going to answer why you should start a part-time business, so know that you know a bit about the shift, let’s get into a few specifics.

I’ll first start with the why of starting a part-time business, and then secondly i’ll go over the how part (the most simple part)

Why Should You Start A Part-Time Business?

One definition of Leverage is, “power to act or influence people, events, decisions, etc”

That’s a key reason to start a business part-time, to begin creating valuable leverage in your life that unfortunately a job does not provide.

Now let me be clear about my point, I am NOT saying quit your job or present work. Working is great and provides stability. My point is to give the the benefits of starting a part-time business around your current work or full-time job.

A side business gives you the opportunity to provide value in a separate direction, connect with other people and provide a product or service that is providing good to the community and the world. The entrepreneurial spirit is gaining more ground in these past few years and it’s great to see.

Another obvious yet overlooked benefit of starting a part-time business is the ability to earn extra income. Most people or families would gain a heightened sense of security and well-being with an extra $200, $500 or maybe even an extra $1,000 per month.

How would that feel to you? Every month you could work, possibly even 10-15 hours extra per week on the side and earn extra income. To me that sounds like a no-brainer and I would guess it does for most.

So this all sounds good, but what is the #1 complaint or excuse of most people when it comes to starting a business?

“I don’t have enough time, I’m too busy!”


That should suffice in putting that excuse to rest. We all have enough time, what it comes down to is what we’re willing to devote our time too!

Now that you have some insights into why you should start a part-time business, let me get into the details of how you can start..

How Can You Start A Part-Time Business ASAP?

Lot’s of available choices are out there in today’s marketplace to start, but sometimes that can be the problem for most people. Because of the vast array of business opportunities here and there promising easy ways to get rich, most people get too lost and never even take a chance to begin. That’s a problem.

Of course there’s the most widely known perspective of small business: build a company from the ground up which produces more headaches than revenue. Come up with an idea for a product, find and pitch to investors willing to see your vision. Then even if you get an investor to come aboard you have to manufacture the product, hire employees and much, much more loopholes to go through before you ever earn a dime (if ever).

When I say start a part-time business, that’s not what i’m referring to.

The most simple way to begin part-time is to partner with a company that already provides and services the toughest parts of traditional business (product ideas, manufacturing, distribution, legal obligations and brand recognition).

A company, that instead of paying advertisers millions of dollars to market their product (TV ads, Billboards, print advertising etc), gives you the money for using and promoting their products. This is how Kelli and I have started a part-time business from home and we are loving it!

When we started using the products, we were both unhealthy, feeling terrible and looking to make changes in our health. We immediately got onto our meal plans and made healthier choices. I lost 10% body fat and Kelli lost 20 lbs using the products and shifting old eating habits using a health coach for accountability and guidance!

From there we saw an opportunity to continue to use these amazing products and continue to improve our overall health and well-being, and also promote them to others and begin to start creating additional income and a rewarding business around our full-time schedules! (All by helping others lose weight, gain energy and just improving their overall health). Kelli and I have loved the opportunity as health coaches to build a business and help others feel amazing!

In our first month in the business, just using the amazing products and helping friends and family get healthy using them, we made an extra $500 which was life changing at the time!

Starting a part-time business around our current schedules was the best decision we have ever made and continues to be!

I hope i’ve been able to provide you with some distinctions on how powerful starting a part-time business can be and what it is able to provide in terms of lifestyle and increased freedom.

If your wanting to dive into this more and check out an opportunity, or are ready to start a business right now, Check out the video below: Kelli and I have an important question for you..

Be Your Own Boss

What we provide:

  1. Getting in the best shape of your life (losing weight, gaining muscle or toning up, improving energy levels or just overall feeling healthier).
  2. Part-Time Supplemental Income (The whole point of this post)
  3. Ability to build a strong business with leverage

If any of these interest you, Kelli and I are here to help!

Contact Us and let us know what your goals are and how we can help YOU! Either Kelli and I will be in touch.

Follow our Journey:

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The only limits in our life are the limits in our own thinking.

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