The Most Important Part You’re Missing In Achieving Your Health Goals

Are you trying to lose weight? Gain Muscle? Feel more energetic? Or maybe just look and feel overall healthier?

If you always feel discouraged because you can’t seem to get over the hump or lose those extra 10 pounds, I want to share with you the most important part you’re missing in achieving your health goals!

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn


What’s the first decision most people make when they want to lose weight? I’d say the majority of the time it is going on a diet. Finding the next new program that’s going to do all the work for them and make that extra 20 lbs just magically disappear.

While that may work for some people (very rarely), for most people it’s not even going to work. If it does, it helps them lose weight in the short-term but over the long haul they are very likely to quit the program, go back to their old habits and put back on the weight they lost and usually even MORE weight.

Does that sound like the path that you want to take? I highly doubt it.

The problem with “diets” is they are only temporary. In fact, the verb (dieting) is defined as, “to regulate the food of,”

Diets are an illusion. They promise a grandiose outcome while they only provide a temporary solution. They say eat these types of foods for one whole month, lose 20 lbs and everything will be amazing!

Well i’m here to tell you that those claims are false and won’t ever work. If you’re going on a diet, i’d immediately stop and ask yourself, “Can I keep up this style of eating for an extended period of time?”

So what’s the most important part you’re missing to achieve your goals?

Using a Health Coach For Accountability and Guidance

Kelli and I have been health coaches for a couple of years. We started right after we saw immediate and sustainable results with our nutrition programs!

We have enjoyed every minute of coaching and love seeing our clients get awesome results using our simple programs!

After we got our results we asked ourselves, what is the biggest area where most people lack? 

The answer we came up with was consistency.

That’s where health coaching that includes daily accountability and overall guidance on a simple and easy to follow nutrition plan is essential to quick AND lasting results.

It’s not easy to start and keep up consistently with a completely new way of eating or develop brand new habits, but with a health coach right by your side to guide you it becomes a simple and enjoyable process!

How Can We Help You?

Step-by-Step Programs & Guidance from a Health Coach

So what do Kelli and I provide as health coaches?

  • Simple to Follow Nutrition Programs
  • Advice and Knowledge on Healthy Habits and Overall Healthy Living
  • Daily and Weekly Follow-Up
  • Accountability, Guidance and Motivation/Support
  • Recommended Snack Lists, Grocery Lists and Healthy Food Options
  • Weight-Loss Challenges, Fit-Challenges and Team Activites
  • Daily Exercise Plans
  • Weekly Healthy Meal Recipes For Meal Planning
  • Friendship, Comradery Including Private Groups and Group Chats

We help our clients, customers and team-members to focus on healthy eating as a lifestyle, not just a diet. Diets don’t last, but changing habits and producing a healthy lifestyle will make it easy to achieve your goals and feel better about your physical body and yourself!

Are you interested in health coaching? Would you like us to provide you with accountability and guidance to make the process much easier?

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain energy, burn fat or just looking to become overall healthier and improve your eating habits, we would love to help you!

Let us know how we can help

If you want to see more about what we do and follow our journey, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

We hope to hear from you and are looking forward to helping you reach all of your health goals!


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