Why You Should Be Rooting for Tim Tebow To Succeed

Who else has seen articles or posts lately about Tim Tebow’s journey to return as a professional athlete?

Do you find yourself rooting for him or hating on him? Not to judge either way, but I’m rooting for him to succeed and I think you should be too..

To begin with, if you have no knowledge on the subject I’ll give a brief overview below.

Tim Tebow is a former University of Florida Quarterback, winning two National Championships and a Heisman Trophy (Best Overall College Football Player) in 2007.

He was a first overall draft pick by the Denver Broncos in 2010 and even won a playoff game in Denver as the starting quarterback.

Since he was released after a pre-season stint with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, he has worked as an analyst for the SEC Network and provided insight into games and events in college football. 

Now in the past year he has been training to return to professional sports as a baseball player, a sport he has not played since his junior year of high school. Just last week he signed a minor-league deal with the New York Mets and will begin his newfound career September 19th in the Fall Instructional League.

Now that you’re aware of the situation and all of the details, I’ll explain further why you should be rooting for Tim Tebow to succeed.

The first question to ask is this, if you were in Tim Tebow’s position, would you want other people to be rooting for you?

I believe most would answer with an astounding YES. And in reality, that simple explanation should be enough to prove my point, but I won’t be naive..

Tim Tebow has garnered tons of publicity (positive and negative) over his years as a collegiate and professional athlete. From his religious affiliation to his playing style, there has been many people to criticize his actions and decisions.

My point here is not to get into a right or wrong debate so I won’t continue on that path, I just think it’s key to acknowledge the different opinions on him.

The next question to ask is, why wouldn’t you want him to succeed?

No matter what your opinion is of Tebow, you have to admit that his confidence, sincerity and hard-work have led him to his previous successes and will only continue to propel him in his further endeavors.

I personally love the game of baseball and am overly rooting for Tebow to succeed and ultimately to get all the way to the major leagues. He’s obviously got many areas to improve on as a fielder and overall player, but he does have some natural ability to hit the ball a long way and strong athleticism.

Here’s my main point..

I choose to be an optimist and to look for the best in everyone (most of the time) so it only makes sense to me to root for someone like Tim Tebow. I think he represents the human race well and shows you what a true, passionate and kind person can become.

With as much negativity and ill-will that’s constantly blared on TV and social media, it’s a blessing to see someone going full force after their desires and showing us all what’s possible even in the face of fear and doubt from just about every source. 

After his workout, “For me, you pursue what you love regardless of what else happens. If you fail or fall flat on your face, and that’s the worst thing that can happen, it’s OK. When did pursuing what you love become such a bad thing? I’ll make all the sacrifices to be the best I can.”

And maybe some people’s reply to that will be, “well yeah it’s easy for a rich celebrity to pursue your dreams” or, “it’s easy for him to say because he’s so famous and was given a chance because of his name.”

In reality those all may have some truth to them, however they are still ignorant replies. Tebow made himself the person he is today. He earned the opportunities by hard-work and committing to be the very best in college football. Every success has been because of himself and each one has led him to a new opportunity.

Most people spend so much time especially in these coming months complaining or wasting their times worrying about the upcoming election and what Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are going to do about immigration or gas prices, yet won’t even take ten seconds to send good vibes to someone stepping out and making it happen in their life.

In all reality, I never like haters and Tim Tebow has got plenty, so I hope he massively succeeds in baseball just to prove all of them wrong. 

I’m also coming from an unbiased perspective in that i’ve never been a fan of his teams nor have I rooted for him to win games.

What are your opinions on Tim Tebow? Are you rooting for him to succeed? 

If not, why?

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