Views From the Summit: 7,256 ft

My reflections on our past weekend takes me to various thoughts and emotions, but one reigning supreme in my mind.

Fort Collins, CO is the location of Horsetooth Mountain. It’s beautiful from a distance, however even more spectacular with a view from the summit. At 7,259 ft everything below is visible, from the rocky terrain on the ascent to the city of Fort Collins from afar.

The trek up the mountain was no simple hike yet no daunting task. It’s about the perfect hike for the weekend explorer. Yet in proportion to the reward of reaching the summit, the hike is well worth the effort.

Kelli and I summited the mountain with four others, so the feeling at the top was that much better with the team effort of the climb. We are both grateful we were able to experience the hike with friends and family!

The Summit Crew

When I finally reached the summit and was able to just stop and look at the vastness below, everything was put into perspective. It gave me a sense that I was nothing in the vast realm of this existence on earth that we experience, however at the same time I felt that I was a part of a much greater power than myself.

It gave me a sense of humbleness, yet sparked in me an emotion of drive and motivation that there are truly zero limits in our potential or what we can achieve! Injected me with a sense of drive and passion to become the best I am capable of for friends, family, Kelli, but most of all for myself.

To give it my all in the one life I get to live, to know at the end of my life that I left it all on the table and have no regrets.

At Zero Limits Couple we truly believe that the only limits in our life are the limits in our own thinking.

I love quotes and have many that I follow but when I was at the top of Horsetooth Rock staring down at the world below I truly felt like I was experiencing no limits, not just reading a quote but actually experiencing it!

Hydrating & Fueling Up with CR7 Drive

Plato once said, “The first and best victory is to conquer self.”

I believe that rings true in all areas of life, and I found it to be accurate along the hike. There was a few times where me and the group were out of breath or a bit tired but we knew that the ultimate reward was well worth the price.

I think I can speak for the whole group and say that conquering the mountain was much like conquering self: overcoming physical fatigue and mental blocks that could lead you astray and focusing on the end goal, the top of HorseTooth Rock!

Reflections from the Summit – Views from 7,259 ft

  • The best views come after the hardest climbs
  • Brings lots of water. Hydrate up
  • Nature is perfect and silence is golden
  • Experiences are always more memorable with a group of friends
  • A higher power does exist
  • “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
  • Live with a purpose. Find the meaning of your life.
  • A picture is worth 1,000 words
  • Be grateful for all experiences because they happen for a reason
Summit of Horse Tooth Mountain: 7,259 ft

Let me share one last quote, “History knows no resting places and no plateus.”

We are always creating our lives whether we are aware or not. We are either getting better or we are getting worse, there is no middle ground.

Horsetooth taught me that no task is too difficult and no mountain too tall. Think Big and life will be a continuous journey filled with wonderful experiences.

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