Quote To Live By

Before I start, let me just begin by mentioning that I realize there are many quotes to live by.

There are hundreds that I could think of right now that give me hope, inspiration and stronger belief in myself.

However, I think the one I’m about to share can make tons of difference in the quality of your life..

“The past does not equal the future”

Let that sink in..


This powerful quote, if taken AND applied, can equal so much positive change in your life that I believe it may never be the same again.

We have all experienced difficulties, setbacks and unfortunate circumstances that have most likely shaped who we are today.

However, if you’re using a rear-view mirror to drive in the present, I promise that you will crash!

You have to be willing to step out and make a stand for something you want, maybe even something you have never thought you could accomplish.

It’s so important to develop self-belief which only comes from certainty.

How can you develop certainty even if you want something you’ve never achieved?

Let me give you a couple quick suggestions here, and then the video below will explain a third essential element and how to tie these all together..

Change Your Physical State, Your Physiology

If you want to achieve a new goal or pursuit, it’s vital to take control of your body, your emotions and how you feel.

Emotion is created by motion

Train yourself everyday to be in a peak state. Walk with confidence, breathe deeply, hold your head up high. 

I’m not talking about a sense of arrogance, I mean a state of inner confidence that starts with the way you move your physical body.

Shifting your physiology will drastically improve your emotions, leading to a higher certainty.


Change Your Focus

At any point in life we have two choices:

  1. focus on what’s right and why we can achieve a goal.
  2. focus on what’s wrong and why we can’t achieve a goal.

Both options are there and can be proven, but our focus is what constitutes how we feel.


So with whatever you want to achieve, whether that be a certain fitness level, losing weight, earning more money or getting a new job or position, begin to focus on the reasons why you can.

Shift your focus from your weaknesses, to portraying your strengths.

Focus on solutions, not on problems.

These are only a couple simple distinctions, but very powerful if practiced daily. Shifting our body and states of emotion as well as our focus will undoubtedly produce greater results in life.

Much of my knowledge and application on this subject has come from my reading and study of one of the most incredible men to walk this earth, Tony Robbins. I came upon his work and teachings three years ago and immediately read both of his books which are listed below. His profound awareness of what makes us as humans do what we do and how to change our behaviors is unparalleled and I have to give credit to much of my success to his teachings.

If you want to make some lasting change and positive impact in the world, check out these books. They both have done wonders for me.

Unlimited Power, By Tony Robbins

Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins

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