Simple Morning Routine to Start the Day

Let’s face it, mornings can be either fantastic or dreadful. And it always seems as though a great day is always preceded by a productive and healthy morning.

I think this simple morning routine i’m going to share with you will be very valuable and help you get a better start to your day!

It’s very easy to implement, takes no longer than 30 mins of time and will result in a more healthy and vibrant feeling when you walk out of the door.

The routine follows 5 simple habits:

Habit #1 – Wake Up On Time

Begin immediately to always wake up when your alarm goes off. No more snoozing!

To take this habit to another level, challenge yourself to start waking up 30 mins earlier than you are used to. This will give you an extra bit of time in the morning to fuel yourself for the day.

Habit #2 – Drink 16 Oz of Water

This should be the first food or liquid you consume in the morning. Drinking water on an empty stomach before ANYTHING else will provide you tremendous results. 

Habit #3 – 10 Minutes Physical Exercise

Whether this is push-ups, jumping jacks, a light jog around the neighborhood or a workout video, get moving in the morning!

Morning Push-Up Routine

This will fuel your day and help you to train your body to burn fat early in the morning!

Habit #4 – Breathing Exercise or Mediation

Sit in a chair, back straight and meditate for 10 mins or simply breath deeply in through your nose and out your mouth.

Our cells fuel is oxygen, a critical component to our health that is often overlooked.

Habit #5 – Write or Journal

I can not stress this habit enough. This is crucial. The benefits of writing and putting our thoughts on paper can be very therapeutic and rejuvenating.

Just take 5 or 10 mins and write on a piece of paper or in a journal. Write about the day ahead, important tasks that are coming up or maybe about an important relationship in your life. 

Practice this simple routine and I promise you will see immediate positive results!

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