Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Kelli and I absolutely love felines! From their craziness to laziness, cats really have it all!

Why do we love them and what makes them such great house pets?

There are a couple of reasons – i’ll go over them and tell you why cats are better than dogs!

And when I say they are better than dogs, I don’t mean to be negative towards dogs. I love dogs and grew up with a black lab, so I know how wonderful of a companion mans best friend can be!

But two years ago when we adopted Gracie, everything changed and I finally realized why some people absolutely LOVE cats!

First off, we do consider ourselves ‘Cat People’ and are undoubtedly proud of the label. We have three kitties: Gracie, Charles and Ernie.

Our love for Cats come from three main reasons:

Reason #1  – Cattitude 

Ever heard of someone mention the reason they don’t like cats, even if they have never had one as a pet? Most of the time at least from my experience, is the cattitude scared them off.

Either they had an experience with a cat that was grumpy, hungry or just plain didn’t like the person.

This behavior is normal when we experience this with another human, but after the fact we don’t spend the rest of our lives saying “I don’t like people”(for the most part), just because there was one person who didn’t meet your needs at that particular moment.

So here is the main reason why I think cats are better than dogs – they have distinct personalities! Different attitudes, emotions and behaviors.

Gracie is our female cat, we call her ‘Princess Gracie’. She wants what she wants, when she wants it, and if she doesn’t get it, then she’s grumpy. Simple as that. Thats how her cattitude shows up. (Check out the picture above this post, she’s the grumpy looking cat).

Ernie on the other hand is the youngest one of three, and is very spontaneous, easy going and very friendly. He purrs very loudly and just goes with the flow. Anything goes with Ernie, he’s like our hippie cat. LOL

Charles Just Loves Avocados

Then there’s Charles, the oldest one of the group. He’s a long haired cat and is the needy one of the three. Always looking for attention and will eat just about any food, similar to a dog. Proof ———————>

So when it comes to personality and attitude, Cats are never boring… Well sometimes they are.

Reason #2 – Laziness


If I had to guess the average amount of hours our cats sleep in a 24 hour period, I would guess 18 or 19 hours.

Here’s a time table for a typical house cat’s busy day:

  • 6 am- Wake Human Up
  • 6:30 am – Eat
  • 7 am – Go Back To Sleep When Human Wakes Up
  • 10 am – Wake up & Play/Roam/Eat
  • 11 am – Nap #2
  • 3 pm – Wake up, Eat & Explore Under Humans Bed

Ok you get the picture LOL

Ernie Catching A Snooze On The Suitcase

Cat’s love to sleep and they’re not shy about it either. If you like to take naps, then you
will love having a cat as a house pet!

Reason #3 – Spontaneity 


performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

This is the definition of Feline.. Oh sorry I mean spontaneous.

The last reason we think Cats are better than Dogs is this one right here, being spontaneous.

While on one hand cats can be boring because of their sleeping schedules, the other hand is an endless amount of entertainment, excitement and just pure bliss.

Watching cats play, wrestle, chase one another or just swat after a fly can be so much fun!

Having a cat, let alone three can be so entertaining at times!

For all you cat lovers out there, we Salute you! And if you are reading this on the brink of adopting a cat, please do! It will be the best decision of your life 🙂

Do you have a cat and have a funny story? Leave a comment and let us know what part of cats you love!




2 thoughts on “Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  1. A Midsummer"s Night Dream May 12, 2017 — 2:10 pm

    I have 2 wonderful fur-balls, Kit a 5 year old (all black) sweetheart and a Mikey a 5 month high-strung (tiger) kitten.

    Kit (aka “The Beast”) because he is huge, was rescued from an animal hospital when he was 6 months old.

    Mikey was rescued by a co-worker of mine (who he is named after) when he was just 3 weeks old.

    Both were very sick when they were rescued, but with good medical care and a lot of TLC, they are happy and healthy.


    1. That is so awesome! Love hearing stories of happy kitties in a loving home 🙂


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