The Difference Between Health and Fitness

After reading the title, you may ask yourself, “Difference between Health and Fitness? Those are the same thing.”

There’s just one problem; they aren’t the same! 

So let’s briefly define both words and their meanings, then go over the distinct difference.

Fitness is defined as “the physical ability to perform athletic activity.”

This includes any type of cardio, weight training or athletic sport. Any activity that you are exerting effort and force.

Health is defined as “the state where all the systems of the body- nervous, muscular, skeletal, circulatory, etc.- are working in an optimal way.”

Our health is the result of what we eat, the amount of nutrition our diet provides and the overall harmony of our different bodily systems.

The failure of most people to understand this distinction between health and fitness is what causes them to be frustrated with working out regularly, yet still having that same five to ten pounds to lose.

Misunderstanding this simple concept can also lead to physical injury, constant fatigue and many other health issues.

Understanding this is similar to the 80/20 Rule of Nutrition Fitness.

So what’s is the solution to this problem? How can we use this to increase our efforts and results?

What do you think? Does this help you in any way with your results?

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